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I have worked out with a lot of PTs and Zeina is my favourite teacher. Her class is so rich, it’s a mixture of everything u want . Burning, stretching, core building, twists, posture, breathing… She is professional, confident, mastering techniques and is able to convey the teaching in a very clear and empathetic way. She takes care that you will be able to do the exercise while not hurting yourself. She has an eye of an eagle , always spotting a wrong pose and correcting it with utmost care. My body is different when I started lessons with her. I actually feel calmer, breath better, a bit taller :) , more fit and have firmer muscles… in addition to that her smile makes the class so light and fun.
- Carine dannawi (Nov 2021)
I'm so glad I met Zeina. She's a fantastic teacher with such a calm and thoughtful presence. She teaches an active flow class and is terrific at cueing in a clear, precise way. She's very encouraging, too. I love how she gives individual attention to each student.
- Karen R (Nov 2021)
Loved her class. we did a group class of Barre with her and it was really amazing . I felt sore from places that didn't know it had muscles :) she gave us hints and corrected our postures regularly, and that for me makes her a great teacher ! I really recommend taking classes with Zeina
- Dina (Nov 2021)
Zeina is a great teacher. I love the way she delivers her dynamic poses and instructions especially when it comes to opening tight hips very encouraging and knowledgeable. I would love to get in her class again soon. I definitely recommend her.
- Eleanor Gaschet de L\'Isle (Nov 2021)
The class had an amazing flow! The teacher was composed at all times and really helped me with any move I was struggling with. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to get in a good stretch and feel a burn!
- Tia (Nov 2021)

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