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Zara Buyukliiska

If you are struggling with, unfortunate feelings and overwhelm mind, I guide Yoga for Inner Smile - Class for balance and whole-person wellness. Awake your peaceful mind and strong body for joyful life. Sleep calm at night. * First class free.

Hi :D My name is Zara. I am passionate Yoga student, Artist, Author, Sailor and Mother. At age of 40 - I found in my life the balance with Yoga. From then on I am enspiring my life with yoga. I teach Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Trapeze and Laughter Yoga. I am here to share my knowledge, energy and smile with you over the - Art of Yoga Practice.

(January 2022 – Present)

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Sailing, Swimming, Hiking, Travelling, Reading, Writhing and illustrating books for kids. Yoga practice available in Eng / Bg (*soon in SP too)

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