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Susanna is a wonderful teacher. She really cares about the needs of her students, she motivates and encourages everyone with clear instructions and with her super energy and personality!
- Gabrielle Van Neste (Dec 2022)
Susanna is a lot of fun to work with. Even when you are in challenging poses, you are motivated by her bubbly personality. You can't help but want to improve. I highly recommend taking her class!
- Anna Wilson Bean (Dec 2022)
Susanna is a great yoga teacher and her enthusiasm and passion is infectious, she delivers a warm and friendly class, with great teaching style, you can guarantee to come away from Susanna's class feeling invigorated and uplifted and with a smile on your face! Highly recommended.
- Sue Northcott (Dec 2022)
Susanna has an incredible way to lift you up in your practice. Very powerful voice when guiding you, you will get stronger very quickly taking her classes. She is definitely a wonderful teacher.
- David Madrid (Dec 2022)
Susanna has a warm bubbly personality and makes exercises fun and enjoyable. Her classes will inspire and motivate you to try to attain your goals in your complete wellness journey. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her for both group or individual classes.
- Samantha (Dec 2022)
Susanna is so great at making you feel welcome. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. She creates a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. Would highly recommend!
- Launi (Dec 2022)
Susanna has such a warm and inviting personality, making her a fantastic instructor. She's very positive and supportive and gently guides you through your practice. Susanna will challenge you, but at the same time, she will keep you safe with clear and precise instructions. I highly recommend taking Susanna’s yoga classes, and you will be inspired and motivated to achieve your personal goals.
- Zara (Dec 2022)
Susanna has a big heart that is felt across the room. She has a way to move through class that is ease-filled and that creates a sense of safety and clarity as you move through the poses. I highly recommend a class with Susanna as she will leave you feeling ready for your day.
- Jeannine (Nov 2022)
Susanna is an exemplary yoga teacher as she adjusts her pace of class to help make the poses more accessible for me. Her clear calm voice helps to create a calm space in my busy day. Her warm caring personality helps to encourage my progress with confidence. I highly recommend Susanna for your yoga wellness journey!
- Margo (Nov 2022)
Susanna is a fantastic Yoga teacher: she effortlessly combines a great knowledge and skill with comforting and smooth teaching. Her jovial personality helps makes you feel instantly at ease and helps you through both challenging and accessible poses. I strongly recommend you to take one of her classes x\0/x
- Mish (Nov 2022)

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