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Divya is an amazing teacher, and a very compassionate, friendly person. She cares about her students and responds to all questions patiently and scientifically with details. I had 1:1 breathwork sessions with her and I learned different breathing techniques to improve focus and reduce stress. I truly enjoyed the sessions, and I could see positive changes in my overall health. I feel calmer and more energetic than before. My best wishes are always with her. I am looking forward to trying yoga sessions with her. I highly recommend taking her classes.
- Gayatri (Feb 2024)
Thank you Gayatri!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Feb 2024)
I have had the privilege of embarking on a transformative yoga journey with Divya over the past six months through private 1:1 sessions, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. When I initially sought out yoga, my primary goal was to alleviate back stiffness and lower back pain while enhancing overall body flexibility. Divya with her guidance has not only helped address these concerns but has also seamlessly integrated yoga into my lifestyle. The improvements in my flexibility, strength, and stamina have been remarkable. Divya's focus on breathing practices has been particularly impactful, leaving me feeling more energized and sharpening my ability to focus/concentrate. It's evident that she tailors her approach to meet the unique needs and goals of her students. Divya stands out as an outstanding instructor who pays meticulous attention to the nuances of each posture, ensuring proper form and technique. Her keen observation extends beyond the sessions, as she consistently notes progress and adapts the program accordingly. The structure of the program reflects Divya's professionalism, demonstrating a thoughtful and well-organized approach. The sessions are conducted with a perfect balance of challenge and support, making each practice both rewarding and enjoyable. I wholeheartedly look forward to continuing this enriching journey under her guidance.
- Dipak Pukale (Jan 2024)
Thank you Dipak!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Jan 2024)
I have been doing yoga with Divya since two months for overall fitness and better flexibility. Divya is so patient and encouraging, she motivates me to improve my practice. I love the calmness and positive energy she brings to the mat every session! I highly recommend trying her classes.
- Aditi (Jan 2024)
Thank you Aditi!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Jan 2024)
Divya is a great teacher and amazing person to work with. She is very patient, knowledgeable and compassionate guide. Under Divya’s guidance, I am able to slowly build my body back up, after two pregnancies and delivery. She works with you at your pace but keeps it challenging at the same time. In the two months that I have worked with her, I can see my body strengthening leaps and bounds!! I highly recommend Divya if you are interested in improving your full body strength, stamina and flexibility!!
- Chaitrali (Jan 2024)
Thank you Chaitrali!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Jan 2024)
Divya is a highly professional instructor whose personalized approach, understanding of our needs, and ability to uncover new possibilities have made a positive impact on us. Over the course of the sessions, we've not only seen great changes in our bodies and minds but also experienced improved focus and clarity. Her guidance at every step, along with corrections where needed, has made the learning experience truly customized and personal. Thank you, Divya, for your professionalism and dedication to imparting such a meaningful journey. We eagerly look forward to delving deeper into our practice through your advanced courses. - Mahalakshmi and Sandesh
- Mahalakshmi and Sandesh (Dec 2023)
Thank you Mahalakshmi and Sandesh!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Jan 2024)
Recently during a surgery, doctor found it difficult to throw out carbon dioxide from lungs during anaesthesia. Post-op, I was asked to start breathing exercises immediately. And I thought about no one else but Divya. Why? Because... 1. Engineers are the best problem solvers. 2. The clarity with which she explains each step, will make the processes very simple, even in online classes. 3. It is very easy to communicate with her because of her very understanding and friendly nature. I am indebted to her. I can already feel the positive change. And I intend to continue with her in future as well!
- Amrita Sengupta (Dec 2023)
Thank you Amrita! One Breath at a time... :)
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Dec 2023)
As a newcomer to yoga, I must say that the patience demonstrated by Divya has been a game-changer for me over the four sessions I've attended. Divya has created a warm and inclusive atmosphere, providing unwavering support as I navigate the world of yoga. Her patience in explaining each pose, offering modifications, and ensuring individual attention has made the entire experience not only accessible but truly enjoyable. What sets her apart is the seamless integration of physical postures with mindfulness. The emphasis on breath control and being present in the moment has added a profound dimension to my practice. I've left each class not only physically rejuvenated but also mentally centered. The clear and articulate instructions have been invaluable, especially as a beginner. I appreciate her encouragement to listen to my body and move at my own pace, fostering a sense of self awareness during the lesson. I wholeheartedly recommend her classes to anyone seeking a supportive and enriching yoga journey!
- Krizia (Nov 2023)
Thank you Krizia!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Nov 2023)
I came across Divya's program through instagram which is the one of the best thing happened to me. After my pregnancy i couldn't come out of postpartum depression which led to several other issues like migraine , anxiety , vision issues , panic attacks. I was visiting ER once in three months for 3 years. I was so frustrated with my body and got into severe depression. One day i came across Divya's profile and thought of giving her yoga program a try(though I used to be an active person with basic exercises/stretching/walking). I really liked her patience at the discovery call and decided to try for a month(1:1 Program). She took so much effort to note down each and every problem of mine both physically(lower back pain , shoulder spasm , wrist pain , foot tendonitis) and mentally. She kept customizing so many exercises and breathing works as per my body needs.She took notes during my sessions and did workaround to give the solutions for all my physical pains during the sessions. She also kept checking on my mental health even after the classes. Her emails are my life savers. I have never seen a person with so much dedication and patience. She is a god sent soul to spread love and positivity. So, I decided to continue my private lessons for 3 months and will continue for years. Her private sessions are worth every penny. Because of her 1.5 months of effort , dedication ,patience and love i am able to control my anxiety , sleep quality is increased , i can stand/sit for a long time without back pain , shoulder spasms are getting better , tendonitis recovery is faster and i have confidence that i would be able to get over my panic attacks as well. Also, after 3 years of sedentary life style i gained my confidence back and hiked for 2.5 miles which is a great achievement for a person who was in severe depression for years. Yoga is an one stop solution for all our problems especially when we learn it from a powerful soul like Divya. I can't stop expressing my gratitude to Divya for changing my life and for making me a peaceful soul. Join Divya on yoga mat and i guarantee that you would thank yourself.
- Charanya Chinnasamy (Nov 2023)
Thank you so much Charanya for a heartfelt feedback :)
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Nov 2023)
Divya’s yoga for exploration program has been a great introduction to the versatility of yoga. I had tried the odd yoga class at the gym before but didn’t have a lot of yoga experience and didn’t really think much of it. The online classes with Divya were completely different - Divya is a warm and wonderful instructor and instantly makes you feel at ease. She is very patient, keen to answer questions and not just explain what we’re doing, but also why. The classes were very well structured and got progressively more challenging. With Divya’s guidance and explanations, and in a matter of a few sessions, I started noticing improvements - holding a plank got easier, my wrists felt stronger, and I started to get a feeling for the sequence / flow of movements. The focus on breathwork was an aspect I particularly appreciated and something I will be looking to integrate into everyday more consciously. The online classes are interactive and easy to follow along and the experience surpassed all my expectations. I would definitely recommend Divya to anyone looking to start yoga!
- Nour (Oct 2023)
Thank you Nour!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Nov 2023)
I've tried yoga before, but Divya's beginner class really got me excited about it again. She's an excellent instructor, making everything easy to understand and giving us time to get it right. What's awesome about Divya is how she pays attention to each of us in group sessions. She watches closely to make sure we're doing the poses correctly. It feels like she's right there with you, helping you along. Having done Divya's beginner classes and learning her techniques of Vinyasa flow, I've noticed some great changes. I feel stronger and more relaxed, and it's become a highlight of my day. Her online classes are like a friendly group, and I can't wait to keep doing yoga with her!
- Radhika D. (Oct 2023)
Thank you Radhika!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Oct 2023)
My fiancé has had some yoga experience and got recommended Divya's Yoga Program. She suggested me to join one of her classes together. I was hesitant at first, as I thought working out in the gym is sufficient. In the introduction call with Divya I already understood myself how good yoga would be to complement my fitness routine, as by focusing only on lifting weights, it has taken a big toll on my flexibility and also my core strength. Divya was so patient with me as a bloody beginner and always made me feel like this is actually something I can learn.We participated in a beginners program with her and already it was so dense yet accessible, that I was surprised how much you can learn even in just a few sessions. At the beginning my I couldn’t even sit on the floor with a straightened back without it hurting (I work a desk job) and after the sessions it always got noticeably better. Divya patiently walks you through the different Aasanas (the „flow of positions“ as I’d describe it) and while showing you by doing it herself on camera also thoroughly keeps an eye on your execution, balancing the adjustment to your individual level but also ensuring you get the most out of the practice. My goal was to gain some access to the practice of yoga and this was definitely achieved, I’d recommend Divya to anyone who wants to do something good for their body and mind.
- Sharad R. (Oct 2023)
Thank you Sharad!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Oct 2023)
My wife and I were beginners at yoga, only having practised previously in irregular bouts. Divya was a very calm, warm and welcoming teacher. In a session zero, we had a short conversation with her getting to know our previous experience and level of physical fitness. That alone shows how tailored the experience feels. Divya gave us individual attention, and was always very clear in her instruction on how to execute the asanas. The intensity of practice in each session was also a gradual increase. At the end of every session she encouraged us to provide feedback and ask questions, making it very easy to improve ourselves in the upcoming sessions. We thoroughly enjoyed all our sessions and would recommend Divya to anyone willing to incorporate more yoga into their lives. We give her 4 out of 4 thumbs up 😉
- Jay & Ruchika (Sep 2023)
Thank you Jay & Ruchika!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Sep 2023)
Amazing vinyasa flow class! Div is a wonderful instructor. I had a fun time, and I felt so empowered the entire time. It was a great flow that really helped me focus on my breath work, while also incorporating stretching and strength. It was the perfect amount of everything. I cannot wait to take another class and feel happy and zen again.
- Katharine Komsa (Aug 2023)
Thank you Katherine!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Aug 2023)
Amazing vinyasa flow class! Div is a wonderful instructor. I had a fun time, and I felt so empowered the entire time. It was a great flow that really helped me focus on my breath work, while also incorporating stretching and strength. It was the perfect amount of everything. I cannot wait to take another class and feel happy and zen again.
- Katharine Komsa (Aug 2023)
Great vinyasa flow! Loved the breathwork
- Amanda Hurt (Aug 2023)
Thank you Amanda!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Aug 2023)
I've tried many yoga classes but my session with Divya definitely stood out. It's a unique combination of Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and breathwork all at once. Divya is a very attentive and encouraging teacher. I love how she seamlessly guided me from pose to pose while explaining the deeper intention of a yoga practice.
- Yenti (Jul 2023)
Thank you Yenti!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Aug 2023)
I was recommended by my friend to take a class with Div and I'm so glad to come across her! Div is so authentic, grounded and encouraging Yoga instructor. She made me feel so lighter with her yoga class. Definitely gonna continue with her.
- Sophia (Jul 2023)
Thank you Sophia!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Aug 2023)
I took Divya's Vinyasa Flow class and oh I loved it so much! It felt so authentic. I loved how she treated me and encouraged me to overcome my fears and become more self aware. Her reminders to breath were something I needed very often. Thank you Div!
- Stephanie J (Jul 2023)
Thank you Stephanie!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Aug 2023)
Divya is a great teacher. She always brought out the best in me. With her, I started to believe in myself, she was my support, friend and teacher at the same time. I would recommend everyone to work with her.
- Maja (Jun 2023)
Thank you Maja!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Jun 2023)
Divya has a great energy in her teaching. She is calm and grounded while also being able to push you to grow in your practice. I have learned so much from practicing with Divya!
- Matt (Jun 2023)
Thank you Matt!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Jun 2023)
Divya is incredible to work with and really helped me grow within my practice. She is welcoming, vibrant, and gives constructive feedback that makes a difference! I highly recommend working with her.
- Tyler M (Jun 2023)
Thank you Tyler!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Jun 2023)
Divya is an amazing teacher and coach! She is very positive and encouraging, which motivates me to improve my practice. I highly recommend trying one of her classes if you are looking to improve your strength and flexibility.
- Jenny (Jun 2023)
Thank you Jenny!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Jun 2023)
Divya brings such great energy to the mat every session. I've had the pleasure to practice yoga with her and I look forward to her future classes. Join Divya on the mat for your next class!
- Rocky Cortez (Jun 2023)
Thank you Rocky!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Jun 2023)
Divya is such an encouraging person with a focus toward positives for your mental health. I love learning with her support.
- Erin (Jun 2023)
Thank you Erin!
- Divya Agrawal (Yoga with Div) (Jun 2023)

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