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Hi my Name is Dawn Romero. I’m a 500 RYT yoga instructor in Honolulu. I’m also a veteran and runner. I have been teaching for a long time but have recently transitioned to full time. My current clients consists of Privates (one on one) yoga and a few groups (less than 10) that meet up once a week. I love to teach! So all of my classes have a lot of detail and explanations, I also like to joke around so every class is fun and light hearted. I teach non gender specific yoga the groups that hire me also control who are members of their group. My client base has been steadily increasing and I may need a partner in the future to help handle the base and occasional crisis.

Yogaround-with-Dawn LLC (January 2016 – January 2021)

Job Title: Owner

Eastern Illinois University


BA (May 1996)

Webster University

Management and Leadership

MA (May 2010)


200 hour

200 (September 2016)

Sampoorna Yoga

300 hour

300 hour (March 2019)

Yoga Body Teachers College


200 (November 2019)