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I recently did some breathing techniques with Heidi. It has been a month now since learning and practicing them. Some of the positive results so far are more restful sleeps, able to breath easier when walking up hills, staying more present and feeling less anxiety. Thanks Heidi for your calming warm presence.
- Leanne (June 2024) (Jun 2024)
Absolutely amazing how much Heidi has helped me with my mobility issues. Fantastic!!!
- Edward (Dec 2023)
Heidi is my yoga instructor. I am so thankful to have Heidi as my teacher. Whether it’s Yin or Vinyasa Yoga, Heidi is always there to support her students in reaching their personal potential. Her sense of expansive optimism, promotes positive thoughts , which in turn promotes flexibility through the yoga poses. Attending Heidi’s classes regularly allows your flexibility to increase, and your balance to improve. As a senior, I appreciate this. Heidi is so positive and optimistic , this always rubs off on her students.
- Myrt Power Jay (Dec 2023)
I’ve been doing yoga 3 or 4 times a week with Heidi for 3 months now. Heidi is very dedicated to her profession, and she adjusts the classes to suit the clients as much as possible. She works hard to assure that everyone gets the most out of her classes, be it through making sure everyone has the right props, and setting the mood with lighting and music. I recommend Heidi as a yoga teacher, mentor, guru and friend.
- Kevin Jay (Dec 2023)
Heidi was recommended to me by a friend. I had the pleasure of being coached through some online yoga classes with her. My experience was terrific! Heidi took the time to research my history and specific issues I was having, she then developed a yoga program to deal with them. I will add that I have been doing yoga classes and daily routines for 7 or 8 years. The program that she developed for me has helped to reach those specific issues that I had not been able to find a yoga solution for. I highly recommend Heidi and her thoughtful and thorough teaching tecnique.
- Don Glasrud (Nov 2023)
Heidi did a free Yoga Nidra for Greif and Loss tonight and I had my husband join me. We both needed this as we have both loss our fathers in the past weeks. Wow Heidi your voice, tone, practice is incredible. My husbands first time hearing you and not one to practice yoga agreed to join me this past hr. He said she is amazing and felt so relaxed and loved Heidi’s voice. He felt relaxed and loved the steps to relaxation and said he would do it again! Thank you so much🙏
- Penny (Aug 2023)
I highly recommend Heidi’s yoga classes. We did 6 private lessons and I will come back for more. She intuitively turned into my physical issues and has helped me to be stronger and well again. I am truly grateful! Thank you Heidi. You’ve been my missing link to health.
- Caprice Hogg (Dec 2022)
I absolutely love Heidi's approach to teaching yoga. She has put lots of thought into her classes. She is also a truly beautiful person.
- Trevor Hearne (Oct 2022)
Working with Heidi has significantly changed my life, truly and honestly. I have lived with diagnosed mental health struggles my entire life, chronically living in my anxious nervous system, living with daily widespread pain due to autoimmune disease. Heidi has taught me how to breathe properly in general, but more importantly, has helped me understand how to use my breath in the most difficult moments when I’m in a flare up. Working with her alongside my psychotherapy has made a huge difference in how I engage with myself, my body and my mind. Heidi is a gentle spirit with a huge heart and willingness to help others grow and heal. Much love!
- Janine (Aug 2022)
Couldn’t be happier or more blessed to have met Heidi She came into my life at a time that was unimaginable .. It was a blessing.. I’ll forever be grateful
- Tina (May 2022)
Heidi is amazing, I've learnt so much physically and spiritually through heidi.. I'd recommend her to anyone that want to better themselves.. I feel blessed to have her in my life.
- Jenna Byrne (Mar 2022)
After spending some time with Heidi, I feel like my quality of life has improved. My lung capacity doubled, and I can now manage my back pain. Its opened a door to better self care I hope to continue practicing for the rest of my life. Can't thank you enough.
- xander funk (Feb 2022)
I highly recommend the Breathing class. It has helped me with my asthma and sleeping. Noticed a big improvement within a month. Thanks again Heidi
- Connie Lee (Dec 2021)
Heidi is fantastic!! Her yoga and breathing sessions are most beneficial. I have been in chronic pain and with Heidi’s help I have learned to deal with it. I am also sleeping better. Her compassion and personal commitment make her a great teacher. I highly recommend
- Brenda McLennan (Dec 2021)
Heidi is a fabulous yoga teacher. I have attended many classes with Heidi and always find her teaching style gentle and refreshing. She is very keen and I love her sparkly smile and helpful manner. I love that Heidi is always upgrading what she is teaching and often brings new ideas to class. I highly recommend a yoga class with Heidi and I hope she teaches for many more years to come.
- Darcy Wanuk (Dec 2021)
All your classes were awesome this week and I especially enjoyed the breath class on Saturday. Some things finally started to kick in for me in regards to breathing LOL who knew
- Darcy Wanuk (Dec 2021)

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