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Karina is a very talented teacher. She is attentive, patient and very skilled. Her instructions are clear and precise and I really like her kindness and positive energy during the session. During her classes, I can feel that she is there to help me to find my way to progress in my practice. Thank you Karina! I am happy that I have met you in my journey!
- Arianna (Feb 2023)
I started going to Karina because of lower back pain - probably from sitting at work for hours on end. Karina is great. She is patient, a good teacher, and very helpful. My back is better and so is my flexibility. I enjoy working with her. She combines yoga with breathing techniques which get my week off to a good start!
- Martin (Nov 2022)
As a busy, working mom of two, I found myself NOT prioritizing my health as I should, and wanted to change that. I came to Karina as a true beginner to yoga, no experience or knowledge whatsoever, just a few short weeks ago and I already feel a complete difference in my strength - both physical and mental. Karina works 1:1 with me to challenge me and teach me, and I always feel refreshed and energized. I am even practicing the principles she teaches me at home with my family, and my kids love it. My only regret is not finding her sooner!
- Victoria (Nov 2022)
My wife and I have been taking private lessons at our house for the last 8 months from Karina. As a new yoga student I’ve found her to be very patient and encouraging as I learned the basics. She has a gentle approach in correcting my posture and more recently finding ways to teach me more advanced techniques. If you’re interested in Yoga but aren’t comfortable starting out in a big class full of people, I encourage anyone in Geneva to give it a try with Karina.
- Jeff (Oct 2022)
I had four private Yoga classes with Karina during my time in France. As a beginner and normally practicing alone with video at home, Karina was able to improve my postures and give valuable advice. Communication with her was super easy, and the vibe great. Thanks a lot and see you as soon as I am back.
- Sara (Oct 2022)
Ma rencontre avec le Yoga relaxation animé par Karina Hubert m'a permis de me rencontrer pour mieux partager avec les autres. A partir de ce travail sur le corps et le souffle, j'ai appris à me découvrir. J'ai mis de la conscience dans chaque posture, dans chaque inspiration et expiration... et ainsi j'ai mis de la conscience dans Ma Vie. Et cela a fait toute la différence! Le Yoga est un magnifique chemin de développement personnel. Il est à mes yeux et dans mon cœur le point de départ d'une véritable renaissance. Il m'a permis de naître à moi-même et m'a permis de grandir autrement. La sagesse peut attendre le nombre d'années. Karina est chaleureuse et l'ambiance est conviviale. Hâte d'être le jeudi!!
- Michelle (Jun 2022)
Karina est un excellent prof de yoga dynamique chaleureuse,sympathique c est un plaisir chaque semaine merci
- Sylvie (Jun 2022)
Carina is an excellent teacher with a kind soul. It is very evident how much care and thought she puts into her classes to tailor to the student's needs. I have a rare autoimmune disease that makes life a bit challenging, but Carina is a pro at gauging my energy levels and threshold for movement. Her knowledge of the body and creativity of sequence are inspiring and she moves at a perfect pace. It's easy to feel safe in her hands. I've had many yoga teachers, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc... before and can attest to the high quality of Carina’s teaching. If you're looking for someone who really knows their stuff and is highly experienced, Carina is your woman.
- Maya (Oct 2021)
So far I've taken 10+ personal sessions with Carina and I think she is an excellent yoga coach. I never had practiced yoga before my first session with her. She started with very basic poses and gradually increased the difficulty once she felt I was ready. Carina would personalize each session based on areas she felt I needed to work. For example, if she felt my hamstring was tight she would focus on poses that stretched the hamstring. My flexibility has increased materially since we began and her yoga sessions are tough total body workouts as well. She is also very hands on, adjusting my poses when my form wasn't 100% correct. She has a very kind, easy going demeanor. Also, she was very flexible in rescheduling when I needed to. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
- Kate (Oct 2021)
I had my very first yoga experience today and I am glad to booked my first private session with Carina. Not that I have any other yoga instructor to compare her to, but having an instructor for a beginner like me who wants to help me improve and achieve my goals are reasons for returning to try it again. She explains the reasons behind why I need to do certain poses and spends time discussing the alignment I needed without putting any pressure on me. Also, she has a deep empathy and understanding of my body's limitations, my injuries, strength and she works with me. With her guidance and knowledge I trust Carina that I would reach my goal and I highly recommend her specially for those individuals who are hesitant to try yoga.
- Jenny (Oct 2021)
I don't even know where to start with Karina... besides being an all-around knowledgeable teacher of so many different styles, she always has the best ideas for classes and her flows are so well arranged. Plus she is a student for life, always looking for more trainings to do to become better. And her karma is so high, wanting to give so many different classes to help the most people possible. I admire her not just as a teacher but as someone who is sharing this beautiful dance of life with me and I learned so much from her and want to keep learning. She is a grand WOMAN with capital letters and I aspire to be like her one day. And I advise everyone to try her classes out, because you will be hooked for more. Thank you so much dear for being there for me and keep being just as you are sweetheart. Big hug!
- Irina S (Sep 2021)
My lovely Irina, thank you so much for your amazing review, I really appreciate your kind words and willingness to go along for the ride! I’m always happy when you join me. ❤️
- Carina Balance Breeze (Oct 2021)
I really enjoy Karina’s classes. Her style of yoga is different and her care about students is remarkable. I am grateful that she decided to share her practice with me!
- Arianna (Sep 2021)
Thank you for practicing with me, happy to hear you enjoyed the journey Arianna.
- Carina Balance Breeze (Oct 2021)
Karina's broad and deep knowledge about yoga, from its very roots to recent new developments, brings her practice to a whole new level, without any pretentions. I love the fact that she is fully connected with each students, from beginners to advanced. I can only highly recommend her classes and the very informative, warm and relaxing chats afterwards. The Geneva yoga scene is lucky to have her!
- Alexandra (Jul 2021)
Thank you so much dear Alexandra, you’re so kind! Thanks for including what I do as part of your yoga movement journey, have fun on the path! ❤️
- Carina Balance Breeze (Oct 2021)
I thoroughly enjoy Karina's teaching style. Her class is fun and upbeat and she gives enough modifications so that whether you are a beginner or expert, there is something that is attainable and motivating. Highly recommend. 💛
- Beth (Jul 2021)
Thank you so much Beth. I really appreciate your kind words! 🙏🏻❤️
- Carina Balance Breeze (Jul 2021)
I enjoyed Karina’s classes every time! The classes are both fun and challenging. Karina offers modifications so that you can practice at your own level and at the same time, challenge yourself to progress. She’s truely a caring teacher so you know you are in good hands when you practice with her. Highly recommended!
- Alyssa (Jun 2021)
Thank you Alyssa, you're super nice! I love your teaching're an amazing teacher, I really enjoy your nice yoga flow classes! I'm very happy to have you in my yoga life! See you next week!
- Carina Balance Breeze (Jun 2021)
She is an energy bomb! Such a lovely and cheerful person, but when it's about yoga she is a calm and helpful person. She changed my bad experience about gravity yoga with a great brand new view about it. I'm very grateful that I choosed her as a teacher. ❤️
- Vanessa (Jun 2021)
... and you don't try my restorative yoga yet... ;) thanks for your kindness my beautiful Vanessa, don't forget: some parts of the practice take longer than others! I wait you tomorrow...
- Carina Balance Breeze (Jun 2021)
Hi Carina! You were excellent! Your technics helped me a lot, it was a great time to do yoga with you. Thank you for your advices too! See you on the next class
- Oliver (Jun 2021)
Dear Oliver, thank you so much! It was a definitely a challenge, but also a possibility... See you next week!
- Carina Balance Breeze (Jun 2021)
It was a great class with Carina yesterday. She is a very helpful and kind person, she did a great job. It was my first experience with yoga and she was patient and helped me a lot. I can recommend her everyone who already did yoga, but for beginners too. Such an amazing teacher. I can't wait until the next lesson!❤️
- Sarah (Jun 2021)
Thank you so much Sarah! You're a superwoman, I am really happy to have you in my class! See you tomorrow, enjoy your evening!
- Carina Balance Breeze (Jun 2021)
What an amazing calming and grounded flow Carina yesterday! Run before yesterday - super sore & stiff, and this slow flow open, grounded and lengthened me out (so it feels). Plus your energy is contagious! Most grateful - and will be checking out your core path too. Thank you 🙏
- Francis (May 2021)
Thanks for sharing your experience Francis! I’m happy to hear what we are doing is working for you! Just keep at it, enjoying the practice is a cruise! See you next week! 🧡☀️
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)
Hi Carina, I like your class. Always something new, cool and nice. Yesterday really loved our practice! Came away smiling and feeling at peace. Really enjoyed the crow to half moon transition. Just a great class all the way around. I hope we get to see these classes on the regular! :) Thank you,
- Jul (May 2021)
Thank you dear Jul. I’m smiling now... cause I’m very happy to read your review! 😀 that crow - half moon was very crazy experience and of course challenging! But we have to build more strenght to do it perfectly... but we can do it! 🤣 so much fun! Just love our adventure together! See you soon! 🧡😎
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)
Yoga with Carina is such an amazing experience.My arms are not that strong, she has a great suggestion what to do about it. I highly recommend her style, so beautiful as her soul. 💕
- Brenda (May 2021)
Yoga with Carina is such an amazing experience.My arms are not that strong, she has a great suggestion what to do about it. I highly recommend her style, so beautiful as her soul. 💕
- Brenda (May 2021)
Hi Brenda, thank you for your review! Don’t push yourself very hard, your body is your best teacher... and you have to listen what says... 😉 The most important that you enjoy your practice. As I say always: your practice, your journey, your body! You will get your handstand I’m sure because you’re stronger day by day! 💪🏻😎 No rush, just practice 😉 I’m very proud of you, thanks for being part of the vibe! ❤️
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)
I discovered gravity yoga with Karina and I really enjoy her classes. She gives us very clear instructions, even via zoom in Covid times. Her calm and friendly manner is so relaxing after a difficult day at work. You feel that, even as a beginner, you can achieve the poses and challenge yourself to progress. Can't wait for the next class. Highly recommended
- Karin (May 2021)
Dear Karin! So happy to see your review here! 🙏🏻❤️ Thank you for your super nice words. Thanks for being part of the crew! See you on Thursday! 🙏🏻
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)
I followed many gravity yoga classes with Karina and highly appreciated her encouraging and kind approach. She manages to create a good and friendly atmosphere. She gives feedback to each yogis and helps us evolve in our practice. I recommend Karina’s yoga classes.
- Michelle (May 2021)
You’re very kind Michelle! 🧡 Thanks for being on this journey with me, I really appreciate you!
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)
Hey Carina, you’re a very lovely teacher. 🌹Like the challenging balance and the last very nice words, also like practicing with you keeping me sharp 😉 and focused, without losing the being nice part x 🌹
- Ryan (May 2021)
Hey Ryan, I’m very happy to see you in my class again! Balance is a key... you know it! I create a very nice warrior 2 -skandasana- halfmoon sequence (more challenging than you think) it would be so cool! 😀 Enjoy your weekend and practice your special breathing 😉 Thanks for practicing with me!
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)
Happy Monday Carina! Thank you for your inspirational flow, today it was very challenging. I had to adapt my self since for me the low squat to navasana is incredibly hard to get smoothly, so I cross my legs as I've seen you do in some another classes... those leg up on toe pose, oh dear, they were challenging, sometimes it looks more like a nervous flash or a kick... I will try the class again and see how it feel to repeat these sequences. Lots of love Carina, Marie
- Marie (May 2021)
Hi Marie, yes this class was very challenging you’re right, lol! 😀 But you did a great job, I was very proud of you! I hope, you don’t run away next Monday... 😅we will continue with a special warrior flow! You will love it, I’m pretty sure! 😉 Enjoy your weekend and happy birthday! 🎁🎂 ❤️😘
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)
Hi Karina, i really like your teach very well, you are so kind and very professionnal. You do a great job and give us the will to continue and to go further. After the gravity yoga, i feel so relax that i imagine myself in another world..many many thanks for taking care of us. TC❤️🌹🍀
- Jaya (May 2021)
Hi Jaya, really appreciate your nice review and your support!❤️ Hope to see you soon! ❤️😘
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)
I have followed Karina’s classes on gravity yoga! It was very good and the exercises were very interesting and help you push your limits. The atmosphere created by Karina is really great and you feel comfortable independent on your level. Thanks to her I have started to manage my breathing with the pose! I wholeheartedly recommend!!!Thank you Karina🥰
- Kasia (May 2021)
Thank you Kasia for your kind words. You’re absolutely amazing and you progress very quickly! I’m always happy to see you in the class! ❤️
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)
Hey Carin, here I am for write you something. :) So, I like your fluid vinyasa classes! Fitness is my life and really enjoy more quick moving! + after my half marathon training your gravity yoga sequences are really good for me. (I didn’t believe, but it’s working! )Thank you for never cutting out or re-editing your streaming video, hearing the small mistakes makes nme smile like if I am in an inperson class with you even in the late night ... breathing techniques aren’t my favorite but how I promised I do it... let’s see!
- George (May 2021)
Oh dear George, you’re very kind! I really appreciate your time and review! Happy to see you in my class! Wait you next week! (Take care of your knee, don’t run so fast this we 😉😆😎)
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)
Thank you so much Carina! I really low your slow flow sequence and gravity yoga! This is so challenging for me to stay stil while my mind is telling me moveee girl 😁. Thank you for teaching us to pay attention on every little move... your yoga is wow another dimension of practice! This is exactly what i was looking for for such a long time !✨💛 Sorry for my English ☺️ Love all the classes 🙏🏻❤️
- Martina (May 2021)
Thank you Martina! I’m happy if you like my slow flow class... we will continue in June, I promise. See you on the mat! 😉🤗🧡
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)
I adore Karina's classes, she is a very good teacher. I followed her Gravity classes as well, and I improved a lot. As another yoga teacher, I practiced a lot with her, because I knew that as a student I am in good hands. If you want to challenge yourself practice by practice, just try her classes, even if you are a beginner, do not be afraid, she will follow you until you succeed.
- Orsolya (May 2021)
Thank you Orsi it means a lot to me. I really love your classes too! You’re an excellent teacher!
- Carina Balance Breeze (May 2021)

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