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Carina Balance Breeze

Yoga Teacher and Handstand Coach I Vinyasa, Hatha, Trapeze, Prenatal, Yin and Restorative Yoga I Handstand Coach for teens (15-18 yr) and adult beginners.

Hey, I\'m Caro! I\'m a passionate and experienced yoga teacher based in Geneva, Switzerland. I\'ve been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching for 5 years, specializing in Hatha, vinyasa, and rocket yoga. I often get mistaken for being much younger than my actual age of 35! As an assistant trainer at Yogabody Yogateachers College, I\'m dedicated to maintaining my own personal practice, which helps to inform my teaching and make my classes even more effective. I also offer private classes for students who want to work on their physical and mental goals. I\'m committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for my students to explore their practice. In addition to my work with private students, I have a particular passion for teaching yoga to teenagers. I\'ve developed a special program that combines yoga, mindfulness, and breathing techniques to help young people manage stress and anxiety. My classes are fun, engaging, and tailored to the unique needs of this age group. Ultimately, my goal is to bring yoga to schools and high schools around the world, so that even more young people can benefit from this transformative practice. With my friendly and approachable teaching style, I\'m committed to helping my students achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Whether you\'re a beginner or an experienced yogi, my classes offer something for everyone. So come join me on the mat and let\'s explore the wonderful world of yoga together!

Phoenix Private Yoga Studio (September 2020 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teachers College

RYT 200

(November 2020)

Yoga Teachers College

Gravity Yoga

(January 2020)

Yoga Teachers College

Yoga Trapeze

(February 2020)

Yoga Teachers College

Breathing Coach

(March 2020)

My Vinyasa Practice

300 hr YTT

7/25/2021 (July 2021)