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Lori Taylor

My life's avocation has been learning about the human body - a degree in nursing, past licensed massage therapist, nutrition coach - and most recently Flexibility Coach. I learned this modality to help myself - but found great joy in teaching others! Looking forward to helping my peers feel more comfortable in their bodies - in person or over Zoom!

Always interested in the human body and health, I have followed a circuitous path to my passion today. I became a registered nurse in the 70\'s because that was the degree closest to my interest in holistic health practice. At the time, naturopathy was just starting and chiropractors were considered quacks. I didn\'t want to be a doctor [!] so nursing was the default. After 4 years of ambulatory pediatrics and community health, I started my own family and eventually earned a certification and license in massage therapy. This was much more in my \"wheelhouse\" and I eventually used it as a platform to teach my clients about nutrition and wellness. That was many years ago and since then, I\'ve had a 20-year career as a health insurance broker - and I continue this role in my small community. I love helping people! Fast forward to 2022: approaching my 65th birthday, and after 2 years of Covid \"confinement\", I was interested in learning about ways to keep myself healthy - and to prolong any potential disability that could come with aging. I wanted to learn to stretch my fascia and muscles in a systematic and productive, healthy way. In learning how to heal my body, I learned to teach others how to heal theirs! What a gift to be able to unlock years of tightness, to be able to move freely - and to have the tools to help oneself on this journey. I am honored to be your guide as you learn a new system of healing by using your breath to deeply stretch and create fluid flexibility. Private or group classes available in any location with internet connection!

Life Solutions, Inc. (April 2001 – Present)

Job Title: President/Owner

Yoga Teachers College

Science of Stretching

Certified Flexibility Coach (February 2022)

Houston School of Massage

Massage Therapy

Certification (April 1991)

Texas Women\'s University


Bachelor of Science in Nursing [BSN] (May 1980)

I love to be in nature - walks in the woods or by the sea, gardening, sailing, biking, and I love to nurture - cooking, reading, playing with my grandchildren. I am also a Level 2 Astrology student - fascinated with stars and planets!