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Tanja Goldstein

EN: Health is my passion so I try to gain and collect as much knowledge as possible. Let's have a cup of tea and chat. DE: Gesundheit ist meine Leidenschaft, daher versuche ich, so viel Wissen wie möglich zu erwerben. Lass uns eine Tasse Tee trinken und uns kennenlernen.

Never stop learning 💖

Yoga Teachers College

International Diploma

(June 2021)

Dr. Mareike Dittmer Institut

Naturopath for psychotherapy

(August 2019)

TherMedius Institute


(January 2020)

Heartify Life

EMDR Trauma Therapist

(March 2019)

Terra Medus

Relaxation Therapist

(August 2019)

Yoga Teachers College

Flexibility Training

Flexibility Coach (July 2021)


Vegan Nutritionist

Certified Vegan Nutritionist (August 2021)

As a naturopath and therapist, trained for trauma and mindfulness, I\'m able to look at your health in a very holistic way. My skills as a nutritionist, Hypno therapist, and Yoga teacher enable my to find individual solutions for my clients and improve their health.