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Andrea Brauner

I'm Andrea Brauner and I've been running the first specialist shop in the water and health sector for 25 years in Berlin. My personal passion is water and the art of yoga. Strength, flexibility and balance are most important - as a Yoga Teacher/Trapeze instructor and a Breath Coach, I look forward to sharing this experience with you. Stay bendy

My husband and I are running Germanys first Water & Health store in Berlin since 25 years now - H2O Wasserladen, Berlin. Our shared passion is Water - beyond that I am in love with Yoga and Breathing over 30 years now. I am looking forward sharing my experience with you as a teacher..

H2O Wasserladen (July 1997 – Present)

Job Title: Owner

Yogabody Teachers College

Breath Coach Training

(April 2022)

Yogabody Teachers College

200h Flow Teacher Training

(June 2022)

Yogabody Teachers College

Yoga Trapez Teachers Training

(February 2022)

Water in every way.. Swimming, Snorkeling, Diving
Exam Science of Stretching
Teaching my Son a full Vinyasa Class
Final Exam
Exam Immersion 2/Applied Anatomy
Exam Immersion 1