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Sue is an amazing yoga coach . I say coach rather than instructor because she does so much more than just teach you yoga moves ! She cares about you as a person and strives to make your session about you and what you are needing right then right now!. She does so much more than just provide stretching and yoga moves. She strives to provide you with a safe environment for you to focus on your needs body and soul. She has a very calm and relaxing demeaner and is very intuitive . The music in the background provided a calming and therapeutic effect . I found that after a session I felt very relaxed in body and mind . I would highly recommend her for her coaching results . Linda May 2023.
- Linda (Sep 2023)
My experience has been so positive. Sue is kind, non-judgmental and holds space in the most welcoming way, making me feel safe to explore deeper.
- Barbara Kraemer (Mar 2023)
I felt comfortable with Sue as she guided me through an EMOTION CODE session. The insights I experienced were interesting and relevant to some of my personal issues.
- Janice Nash (Aug 2022)
After struggling with tight hips and lower back pain for almost a year, it was recommended that I look into Sue’s Science of Stretching (SOS) class. SOS classes have helped to reduce the pain and improve my flexibility after a few short months! An added benefit is that I leave each class feeling uplifted as though I had been in a meditation instead of a stretching class! Sue is a gifted and patient instructor who meets you where you are (from a physical perspective), and welcomes all with her warm presence. I have recently started Yoga with Sue and am equally impressed with these classes as well!
- Pat Mudry (Jul 2022)
I have been to yoga and stretch classes with Sue and I will continue my practice under her guidance. She is perceptive and intuitively knows what her class needs. She provides compassionate and gentle guidance and genuinely cares that her clients get the most out of her classes. She offers a warm, caring environment and I always leave feeling like her class was just what I needed!
- Diane Michalko (Jul 2022)
Sue is a talented, conscientious, committed and professional Emotion Code practitioner. I have been thrilled with the sessions and the results of her work. I would highly recommend Sue for the very effective EMOTION CODE practise. She has taken my health to another level! Roxy Johnston
- Roxy Johnston (Jul 2022)
I had just finished my yoga teacher training and was starting to teach my very first classes. Sue and I got to know each other during our yoga teacher training and she mentioned that she offered a service called Emotional Code. At the time I was running almost daily and teaching yoga two,sometimes three, times a week. Emotionally and physically I felt misaligned and drained. I was intrigued with her service and as a student at my class she picked up on my energy instantly. Her intuition was wildly in tune with how I was feeling. I always felt a cosmic connection to Sue and her nurturing instincts. She is one of the rare humans that truly feels present when you are with her. I decided to reach out to her and try Emotional Code therapy. The session was unlike anything I ever experienced; it was like she was inside of my head, my gut and my heart. She cut through some very necessary and true emotional layers that my body was holding. One of these layers included childhood trauma that was manifesting into physical trauma. Essentially my body was literally running away from what my gut and heart were so clearly speaking to me. Stop running! Your body is exhausted! Also, start nourishing yourself and start taking better care of your body. Eat more potatoes was one thing that came up. Sounds silly but the body certainly holds the medicine and Sue and her magical gifts picked up on my body’s depletion and exhaustion. I needed more nourishment and more rest. After our session, my body didn’t care to run. It gave me permission to just rest and to nourish my body with wholesome foods (like potatoes) that would heal my physical dissonance in my body. I gave up running and put all my energy into exploring and deepening my yoga practice. Sue’s session did for me what yoga does for me: guided me to live with integrity. I can say without any hesitation that Sue’s service is very powerful and I highly recommend working with her. Sue offers intuitive, nurturing and gentle coaching that will leave you feeling inspired and cared for. She will guide and inspire you to live a more balanced and whole life. I left my session with a new way of thinking that transpired into a new way of being. Sue is heart medicine. Emotional Code therapy with Sue is something everyone should experience to start feeling and living better.
- Karrie Jameson (Jul 2022)
I agree with all of the above reviews!! Sue encouraged me to relax into some deep stretches and then provided and placed all the props I needed to achieve this. Her gentle way of challenging me was very helpful and I have continued to practice the specific breathing pattern at home during my stretching time. Her music is great and the venue is beautiful. Thank you Sue!
- Janice Nash (Jul 2022)
I have been going to Sue’s class for about two months and I have always had chronic tight hips, hamstrings and glutes. I have made so much progress with the extra stretching that I’m getting more movement and being able to accomplish more in the gym.
- Roberta (May 2022)
Great, Knowledgeable and passionate instructor. ❤️
- Kyra (May 2022)
Sue is very intuitive and meets the needs of her students with grace . She is a natural instructor and creates an atmosphere of openness . I love the concept of holding poses and challenging my mind and body to achieve wet noodle . The breathing that Sue teaches is most helpful I look forward to growing with , and learning more from Sue . Gratitude 🙏 Kathy S-Y
- Kathy sudom-young (May 2022)
I have been to about 10 classes of Sue’s and let me tell you she is fantastic. Here’s what I like; her knowledge, she’s a great instructor and leader, she is fun and most importantly Sue challenges you to achieve improvements. I will continue attending and recommending Sue because she is just really, really good 😊
- Lori Bernt (May 2022)
Sue is very knowledgeable, and creates a welcoming, calm and inclusive atmosphere in her classes. She is observant, and recognizes when to make gentle suggestions and adjustments so all can get the most out of her classes. At the same time, she honours and allows class participants to know their own bodies and what is comfortable for them, while encouraging them to grow and expand. She definitely has the right balance as a master yogi.
- Shareen MacKay (May 2022)
I came to this class as a beginner with a shoulder injury. Sue welcomed me and provided me with modifications along the way so that i could fully participate with the rest of the class. The space is so calming and tranquil. I leave the class feeling relaxed and peaceful every time. Thanks Sue!
- Cathy Lendvoy (May 2022)
Sue is making me go to places where I haven't been in a while, and it very satisfying. Yesterday, I was in Mossbank.
- Bill (Apr 2022)
Sue has high standards and helps you reach them. She is conscious of our differences and makes accommodations. She is understanding that not all bodies move at the same speed or the same agility. Even those of us who move at sloth speed feel the benefits. She is gentle and calming. Always reminding us to breathe.
- Diana (Apr 2022)
I have very much enjoyed Sue’s class.Her instruction is easy to follow and I felt results within the first week.I would recommend her and plan to take more of her classes.
- Susan Elder (Apr 2022)
Excellent class. Increased flexibility and ease of pain. Calm, relaxing environment. Would highly recommend! Sue is awesome!
- Shelley Hill (Apr 2022)
This is one of the best classes to do with flexing your body I have been to. yoga , qi gong, stretching. Period. The breathing and length of time you hold poses is the thing. Really enjoy it. Great location. Loosey goosey !!! Love it!!!
- Bryan Van Tassel (Mar 2022)
Sue creates a welcoming, positive and peaceful environment in her classes. She is very knowledgeable and offers a wide range of options and modifications to meet the needs of her students. She monitors everyone closely and gently encourages them to explore new challenges. I always leave Sue's classes feeling relaxed and calm.
- Donna Humbert (Mar 2022)
Sue creates a calm, comfortable and safe environment for people to go within and explore. She has an incredible gift and knows how to guide her students so that you can safely challenge yourself and explore new postures and positions and feelings within your body. I always feel so rejuvenated and centred after attending one of Sue’s classes! Highly recommend for beginners and experienced yogis alike.
- Keisha (Mar 2022)
Sue has a calming, serene presence which make her yoga classes truly relaxing and rejuvenating. Her preparation for each class is evident, classes always flow nicely and leave me feeling refreshed! I would recommend Sue’s classes for anyone from a beginner to a seasoned yogi, you won’t be disappointed!
- Shelby (Mar 2022)
Sue is a natural teacher who makes her students feel SO safe to explore movement, exercise, and rest. She volunteered her time to teach classes to newcomers to Canada, and we are so thankful for her generosity! She is very talented at connecting with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, and balances challenge with personal comfort levels incredibly well. She encourages people to expand their limits while never pushing them to a place of discomfort. She is warm, caring, and sensitive, and she has a gift of making people feel comfortable, seen, and loved. I have no doubt that she will be an amazing teacher for yoga enthusiasts and beginners alike!
- Kaleigh Pousett (Mar 2022)
Sue welcomes all & makes you feel completely comfortable in her classes. Her classes are well thought out & amazing! ❤️🙏 Very grateful for Sue & her wonderful offerings!
- Aly Myers (Mar 2022)
I really enjoyed Sue’s classes. They are organized, relevant and very well instructed. I will return again.
- Candra VanTassel (Mar 2022)
Sue is an authentic and caring yogi who infuses her practice with strengthening movements in a safe and inclusive environment. Sue is committed to ensuring her students receive balanced instruction suited to their needs and abilities. Her classes are carefully crafted to provide a wholistic experience in both the physical and philosophical elements of her craft. I highly recommend her classes to any and all looking for a true yoga experience.
- Cheryl Petlak (Mar 2022)
Sue is so caring and compassionate and it really shines through in her yoga courses. Her soothing presence and voice creates the most relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. I highly reccomend.
- Karstin VanTassel (Feb 2022)
Sue has a perfect relaxing yoga voice! She is patient and gentle. Perfect for beginners as she will offer clear instructions or make modifications for you. Also great for experienced yogis as well. I always love her classes.
- Danee (Feb 2022)
Sue is an exceptional teacher. Her depth of philosophical understanding and embracing the discipline is matched with a connection to the experience. It is a safe and full experience that goes far beyond stretching and movement.
- Roxy Johnston (Feb 2022)
Sue is an amazing Science of Strength instructor. She explains the positions and the benefits with ease and expert flow. Her calm, soothing voice is good for my soul.
- Cindy Cooper (Feb 2022)
Sue is a wonderful yoga coach. She brings such a warm, humble, gentle spirit to her leadership that it infuses the whole room with peace, safety and acceptance. She is also great at recognizing various needs and abilities within any group and accommodating them.
- Margot Keeler (Feb 2022)
I am so lucky to have Sue! She is so knowledgeable and when you need guidance she gently gets you where you needs to be! I know that she cares about her students and spends many hours getting ready for each class. I appreciate her knowledge and skills.
- Cathy Knittel (Feb 2022)
I highly recommend the science of stretch class with Sue Utley. Sue offers many different suggestions for poses that will work best for your own stretch, she is always monitoring her students to make sure they understand and are keeping safe, she offers a great teaching environment and I have never felt better!
- Arlene Macknak (Feb 2022)

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