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Stephanie Allen

⭐️I discovered yoga in college, but life happened and the practice never became consistent. As a full time mom of 5, military wife, and elementary teacher for almost 20 years I was quite BUSY! Then CrossFit entered my life and for 10 years I owned and ran a successful affiliate, but the 16 hours days took a huge toll on my overall health and ironically by helping others find health I was losing mine. ⭐️The universe stepped in and an unexpected and very fast move from Alaska to Hawaii forced me to pass the torch to a new owner for the gym I had created and SLOW DOWN my life! I had already enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training and it was time to turn back to my practice and slowly started regain my inner peace back! Yoga is not just something I do, it\\\'s now a way of life. I\\\'m so excited to continue helping others by sharing my story thru my (less stressful) online business- GO WILD WELLNESS- focussing on a holistic approach to include nutrition, fitness, and yoga. By combining all three I can help clients all over the world become the BEST version of theirselves. ⭐️I remain focussed on my yoga style being accessible to absolutely anyone by offering multiple steps for each pose. So whether you are a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between you can expect to be challenged, sweat, move, and breathe.

SunDog CrossFit (January 2011 – August 2021)

Job Title: Owner/ Head Coach

Go Wild Juicery (November 2015 – Present)

Job Title: Owner

Go Wild Wellness (August 2020 – Present)

Job Title: Owner, Nutrition- Fitness- Yoga Coach


(September In Progress)


Level 2 Trainer (November 2020)


KIDS Trainer (July 2014)


Mobility & Movement (August 2014)


Gymnastics (September 2015)


Weightlifting (July 2016)


Endurance Trainer (August 2016)


RowingErg (March 2019)


Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach (April 2015)


Powerlifting Club Coach (May 2017)

🌱Starting Strength Course with Mark Rippetoe 🌱FuBarbell Workshop with Diane Fu 🌱TRX Functional Fitness Instructor 🌱Breazeal Gymnastics Workshop with Kati Breazeal 🌱CPR/First Aid/ AED 🌱HSN Nutrition Coach