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Gravity yoga with SoulsCore Yoga is one of my absolute favorite ways to show myself gentle love while gaining significant flexibility gains. Patricia fills the long holds with amazing information about what muscles we are stretching, how our breathing affects your body’s response, nutrition and just makes it a relaxing and educational self-care and fitness routine. She also shares yoga stretches/tips to help you practice on your own on days there isn’t a class. Always great energy and class, thanks Patricia!
- Neema Tembele (Jul 2021)
One of the best teachers I know. Feel so grateful that have privlege to attend Patrica's classes either Vinyasa (power, Yin-Yang or flow), gravity, breathing or Trapeze. She is super knowledageable, always gives a lot of options for every level and every day;). I looove her creative classes, you never know what to expect, she always do something new, fun, different and creative. Her classes have amaazing well thought sequences, beautiful flows and you work on your strength, flexibility and balance on fun and creative way. On her gravity classes I almost always feel sooo relaxed that I fall asleep or almost fall asleep😆. She has such a calming voice and energy in gravity classes and energizing and uplifting when needed in her Vinyasa classes. I see great improvments in my flexibility, strength and balance after doing Patrica's classes. She is so beeeautiful, supportive, encouraging, uplifting, calming, generous, never giving up, inspiring, creative and funy person and that transfers in her beautiful classes. Her instructions are suuuper clear. Feel so grateful to know her and to be able to attend her classes.
- Ivana (Jul 2021)
I love doing flexibility(gravity) yoga with Patricia. She explains things clearly and offers great alternatives if you have a problem with a position. She tries to challenge you at the same time to do your best for your body that works for you. I enjoy learning about the muscle and fascia I am working on! Thanks, Patricia, for helping me to recover more flexibility after hip surgery and deal with arthritis!
- Dana (Jun 2021)

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