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Sharron is a very conscious yoga teacher. Her still and loving presence overflows into her classes which are full of peace, joy and movement. She has a wide experience of yoga styles and has made them her own. There is something here for every body in each class whether you want to push yourself gently to your edge or 'go with her flow'. I leave each class feeling like a toddler saying 'again' 'again' - in a little while! If one practices regularly with Sharron one will see one's body, mind and spirit both strengthen and become more flexible.
- Linda Williams (Dec 2021)
Doing Yoga with Sharron brought peace and inspiration into my life when I had a hard time finding it myself. I love her way of teaching yoga which is really mindful (!) and authentic! <3
- Liva Paulson (Nov 2021)
I am so glad that Sharron is offering those absolutly great yoga classes. I was never expecting that online yoga can be such fun. She is very supportive, brings in her personal twist- like breathing- meditation techniques, stories, lightness and of course a lot of wisdom and fun. Highly recommended. X
- Eva (Nov 2021)
Sharron was my first ever yoga teacher. She is still one of the best teachers I have experienced. I love her gentle energy and wise wisdom. She even supported me to go yoga teaching myself. I've worked with Sharron collaboratively since as I love her teaching style.
- Rachael (Oct 2021)
I have been attending a yoga class with Sharron for almost two years. The execution of each class is varied, flowing in the structure and coordinated. The effect is a pleasant feeling of well-being, but above all I am full of energy the next day. She brings her diverse training and knowledge to the table perfectly. A pleasure and I am very happy to have become aware of this offer.
- Gaby (Oct 2021)
Love Sharron's yoga classes as I always leave feeling so much more grounded and balanced than when I came in. Also appreciate the personal touches she includes during Relaxation at the end (sometimes a fleeting head massage or foot massage - wonderful). The pacing naturally ebbs and flows between easy and slightly challenging poses which I like. She has a lovely calm presence which soothes my stress levels! Definitely recommended.
- Dez (Oct 2021)
Sharron's yoga sessions are always on spot. She manages to find just the right balance between calming down and gentle pushing to my limits. She has a huge variability of yoga styles and loves to introduce them. Despite of that Sharron is a very warm person who embodies the yoga attitude.
- Anja (Oct 2021)

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