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I love everything about Donna’s class. I like that she isn’t forceful and simply “instructs”. She meets you where you are at and gives you the space to grow and learn. Just hearing her voice makes me calm and at peace, from that core of her existence, I am able to benefit from what yoga teachings has to offer. Just wonderful, Donna !
- Yumi Mori (Jun 2023)
Absolutely loved Donna’s gentle yoga class! She made us laugh every now and then with her funny remarks in between instructions! I loved that, it’s jokes and joy! very uplifting. This class is perfect for someone looking to unwind after a long work day and she gave modified options for those in the class with injuries. If you want to feel rejuvenated, laugh, and unwind, take her class!
- Freddy Kristine (Jun 2023)
Donna is the person I only go to for my yoga needs. She made yoga fun and a part of my daily lifestyle ever since I took her classes. I've issues with stiffness, and with her guidance and patience, I'm so much more versatile. I look forward to her lessons and also she teaches me to be more mindful of my surroundings which keeps me more in tune with my daily life.
- Janet Chow (Jun 2023)
My partner recommended Donna’s practice since Donna has lots of surf experience as well. She took the time to understand my level and not speed me up through poses. I like her chill, unpretentious practice and positive vibe! Def will have more sessions.
- Kevin V (Aug 2022)
Donna’s gentle yoga class has been the perfect way for me to unwind after a long day at work. I like the way she switches up her sequences and I always walk away from her classes learning something new. I’ve enjoyed her online, in person, and sunset yoga on the beach classes. I am excited to see what she offers next, Thanks Donna.
- Mary Ellen (Aug 2022)
Absolute life saver! I suffer from lower back pain and sciatica - Donna showed me so many amazing hip openers and helped me understand how breath work can calm the nervous system. She is a gifted healer with an amazing intuition about the human body. Thank you Donna!!! I am back to surfing with no pain and much better confidence in preventing future injuries!!! 🌊💯🦋🌹
- Sarah Long (Aug 2022)

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