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Donna Castro

Exploring Waves, Breath, Movement & Mindfulness

Yoga Breathing 4x Online Workshop Series
Yoga Trapeze 4x Online Workshop
Dawn Patrol Yoga & Surf
Moon Squats
Balance Breathing
Breath of Fire

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I am a Yoga Teacher specializing in Yoga Breathing, Gentle Vinyasa, Yoga Trapeze, and combining the power of yoga with surfing. I teach yoga to relieve back pain & spinal health, manage stress, build strength & flexibility, improve sleep, and balance your energy.

Shakaste Wellness (February 2020 – Present)

Job Title: Founder

Suryaside Yoga (October 2021 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga Teacher

FREELANCE (January 2008 – Present)

Job Title: Photo Stylist

FREELANCE (January 1998 – Present)

Job Title: Artist

Army National Guard (November 1999 – November 2003)

Job Title: Heavy Equipment Repairer

Woodside On The Move @PS11 (November 2022 – Present)

Job Title: Kids Yoga Teacher

University of the Philippines

Fine Arts

(March 1998)

Fashion Institute of Technology

Fine Arts

(May 2003)

Suryaside Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

200 RYT (February 2020)

Yogabody Teacher College

Yoga Breath Coach Training

(August 2022)

Yogabody Teachers College

Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training

(August 2022)

International Surfing Association

Surf Instructor Level 1 Certification

(May In Progress)

Surfing, Yoga, Travel, Food, Art, Culture, Books, Music, Film, Nature