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Anne Bland

Anne Bland is an award winning entrepreneur, a master space-holder, and a passionate advocate and a coach for happiness in bedrooms and boardrooms. Her Selfishly Happy Methodology is a deep and gentle transformation that involves embodiment and pleasure practices, breathwork, meditation, as well as talk-based coaching.

Selfishly Happy coaching package of 11 x 75-minute sessions
2800 USD
About Anne Bland, Selfishly Happy World Co-Creator: Anne is passionate about change that brings wellbeing, prosperity, and happiness to the world so that no-one is left behind. She has been pro-actively changing the world at individual, business, social and global levels. She is an ex-Green Party Deputy Leader in Finland and has over 20 years of experience in social enterprise and social impact. As a multi-passionate woman and a life-long learner, she has a MSc in Social Investment and has recently invested 850 hours in learning ancient Taoistic Tantric wisdom and 6 months in breathwork. She brings a ‘can do’ -attitude and a spirit of joy into business development and in her mentoring and coaching. Anne resonates most with the U.N. Global Goals: Gender Equality and Climate Action.

Selfishly Happy (November 2018 – Present)

Job Title: Coach

Future Proof Your Business (June 2020 – Present)

Job Title: Co-CEO


Breath Coach

(July 2021)

VITA™ Coaching Institute

VITA™ Coach

(July In Progress)

Cass Business School, London

MSc. in Social Investment (November 2018)

Orenda LLC

Therapeutic Breathwork

(January In Progress)

Tennis. Meditation. Tree hugging. Pleasure.