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Kira Wong

Twice Certified Breathwork Coach Certified Positive Psychology Coach I help busy people put practices in place that allows them to balance out their work and personal lives so they can live life in a way that works for them and their overall wellbeing!

Meaningful Balance Coaching (August 2021 – Present)

Job Title: CEO/Coach

(January 2022 – Present)

Job Title:



Breathwork Coach Certification (August 2022)

Heal Breath Academy


Breathwork Certification (March 2022)

Positive Psychology Coaching Academy

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology Coaching Certification (November 2021)

The George Washington University

Human Resource Development

M.A of HRD (June 2004)

After a 20+ year career in Human Resources, Kira has coached and guided hundreds of people. She has made it her mission to help people find their happiness, joy, meaning and purpose. She helps motivated people find success in a way that works for their overall wellbeing so they can have the life they want to live!