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Sasha Woodard - Yama Yoga

Yama Yoga was created by Sasha Woodard as a means to awaken and enlighten her student’s true essence through the practice of yoga. Yama Yoga serves to guide and hold space so that each student can live boldly, fully, with self-love, and love for all beings. Such is the inspiration for Yama Yoga to facilitate this journey so that we may all be on a path of joy and contentment through the connection of body, mind, and soul.nnIn addition to being a yoga instructor with 12+ years of experience in leading classes and international yoga retreats, Sasha is also a certified breath coach. She is passionate to facilitate breath work to help improve the lives of her students and clients. After just a few short sessions with Sasha, her students and clients sleep better, feel less stressed, feel less anxious, and experience a transformation and improvement in their well-being. Breath work can be an incredible life-changing tool that Sasha wants to passionately share with her clients.n