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Samanta Danileviciute

If you are, feeling stiff or lacking stamina, I teach power yoga classes focusing on mobility and endurance.

Hi! My name is Samanta, and I have been active in sports from a very young age. Unfortunately, I ripped my ACL and had to put a full stop to all sports related activities. Mainly due to fear of getting hurt again. Fast forward after my knee surgery and rehabilitation, I was still lacking the mobility that I used to have. So I decided to try out yoga. And it did me wonders, not only physically but also mentally. I regained my confidence to do sports again.

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Yoga teacher training

(June 2023)

I enjoy studying human anatomy and biomechanics. I love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients.
Sample class
1 month ONE-ON-ONE online yoga (4 sessions)
1 month ONE-ON-ONE online yoga (8 sessions)