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Remy Groenendaal

Embark on a Inner Peace & Transformative Journey with Remy's 4-Week Breathwork Training!Are you ready to unlock the power within you, embrace profound relaxation, and cultivate a deeper connection with your true self? Look no further, as Remy invites you to join a life-changing 4-week breathwork training that will reduce your anxiety, relive stress, balance your energy and improve your sleep and digestion. You will work on tools how to manage your nervous system.

Remy, from The Netherlands, Breathwork Coach, Yoga Teacher, and owner of Eden, decided he wanted a change in his life and focused on sharing his passions with you, with love and dedication. Their interest in becoming a better version of themselves and living a healthy lifestyle has always a big part of his life since his professional tennis career. He traveled the world with Kelly for over a year and got inspired in many ways. He did his yoga teacher training and found his passion for surfing, cooking, yoga, breathwork, and hosting guests. He has experience in teaching yoga, breathwork, and surfing for many years and wants to inspire other humans to do this activities and follow their passions.

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 | 2016 | Cheryl Oliver (Dave Ashtanga)


RYT 200 (November 2016)



Breathwork (November 2023)

Yoga, breathwork, tennis, surfing, healthy food
Coffee breathing exercise
Water breathing exercise
Whiskey breathing exercise
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