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Rachel is remarkable. I was directed by therapy to go in the direction of mindfulness and Rachel was the first that came to mind, I was hesitant to go but I can’t express how wonderful it was. She is phenomenal at creating a welcome environment and not only does she do this as a career but it’s very clear it’s her passion and I can’t think of anyone else I’ve seen so passionate about helping another human. I was comfortable and I felt like I was able to open up not only to her but to myself. She was incredible at guiding me through my journey and though it was only one session I felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders and she was fluent at showing me the way to salvation.
- Brandon Hagar (Jul 2023)
Rachel is absolutely amazing! She has always been a calming and cheerful presence in my life so I was very excited to try a yoga session with her. She exceeded my expectations which I didn't think was possible. I was going through a bit of anxiety and after our session I forgot what I was even stressed about and was able to tackle that issue with a clearer and more focused mind. She has this way about her that just hearing her voice can ease your worries away. No matter what class you take I can guarantee you will come out of it feeling better. I can also guarantee that she will always give 110% of herself to help others because that's just the type of person she is. I would also like to add that it doesn't matter how flexible you are or what level you are at, she will find something that works for you.
- Dominique Perea (Sep 2022)
If you’re looking for an inspiring, uplifting and positive teacher, Rachel is the one! She is very upbuilding and helpful. No matter your level she will make you feel comfortable.
- Brette Powers (Feb 2022)
I’ve known Rachel for years and she’s always had a great, calming presence. Her classes are very relaxing and calming to the mind, and the body! She makes you work, but it really makes you feel good after the session! Her flows are very “all-levels” friendly, she pushes your ability in a good challenging way, but also gives you things that fit you! I just had knee surgery a few months ago and I am able to do sessions with such ease. After a session with Rachel, you’ll walk away feeling at peace in both mind and body. She promotes a very kind and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable.
- Kirsten Freitas (Dec 2021)
An amazing class lead by an amazing instructor. The poses were easy enough for a beginner like me to follow, but Rachel showed several levels of variation that let you practice at your level of comfort and experience. Looking forward to future classes!
- Julie Stepro (Sep 2021)
Well trained professional with a pleasant voice while she instructs. Her instructions were clear and understandable. Beautiful in every way. I learned a lot and would like to continue taking classes from her.
- P.W.C (Jul 2021)
Rachel has been assisting me through my knee recovery for a few weeks now. I bruised my knee joint back in April, which has forced me to sit more and thus created a new problem: piriformis syndrome. I provided Rachel with my doctor's notes and physical therapy plan. From there, she has created specific yoga sessions that are gentle on my recovering knee but also targeting the deep 6 lateral rotator muscle group. She is very receptive to my requests for alternative moves if the knee starts to become bothered during a session. She follows up with me regarding how I feel the day after our sessions and reaches out prior to our sessions regarding my pain status for the day. I truly appreciate all of her efforts, patience, and compassion. You can tell that Rachel loves yoga and genuinely wants you to benefit from its practices. With our sessions and my yoga homework that she assigns me, my pain has decreased! I highly recommend Rachel and cannot thank her enough for all of her help thus far. As my knee continues to heal, I look forward to my yoga sessions with Rachel. As someone who never really took yoga seriously, I am now appreciative of what it can actually do to improve and enhance your health.
- Melody Maldonado (Jul 2021)
Rachel and I have known each other for years. I expressed my concern of waking up tight and stiff. She told me about yoga and the benefits that come with practicing it. She spoke so passionately, and with such knowledge of Yoga. I was ready and willing to try anything in hopes of reversing these symptoms. Im a contractor by trade and my body gets beat up, so I knew this was the time, here and now to do something. Rachel tailored a complete unique program ,fit to meet my needs. Her class made learning yoga fun. She was so patient with me and was so informative through each privet class. Rachel is very professional and is alway so inviting greeting you with a smile. I highly recommend taking her class .It will change the way your body feels and how you look at diet , stretching and complete rest. You'll feel like a new person after your first month with her!
- Joshua Smith (Jun 2021)
Rachel has incredible energy and is extremely knowledgeable about the body. She meets you where you are and helps facilitate growth in your personal practice. Her energy and drive are infectious and she really cares about her students’ progress and comfort.
- Priya Madhok (Jun 2021)
Rachel gives great details and step by step instructions through each pose so you can follow along even without looking (which is sometimes necessary) as well as alternatives to fit your experience level. She's also incredibly encouraging as you follow along and mixes in some humor that really helps you keep strong. Her expertise and passion blossom even through the screen. I'm a beginner and I'm exhausted but was able to follow along relatively easily.
- Nathaniel Yonan (Jun 2021)
Rachel is awesome, she is very knowledgeable about what she is doing and she is more than willing to help you on your yoga journey. If you’re a beginner or have been practicing yoga intermittently, I’m sure Rachel can help you with sharpening your technique and your overall practice.
- Jatinder Mann (Jun 2021)

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