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Oscar Sundman

Hello and welcome, my name is Oscar & I am a Certified 500-Hours Yoga Teacher and certified breath-work coach. I have taught the pranayama module for 200-Hour YTT students in India and I am currently teaching in Spain. My company is the Nordic Breathwork Academy. My goal is to spread the knowledge and the benefits of proper breathing to the world.

"Breathing for Balance Monthly Program"
Hello dear reader, this is a little bit of my story. My breathwork journey began back in 2016 when I lost my mother. She was as a single mother who raised me and my two brothers and had worked hard every single day of her life to give us a life worth living. She did an amazing job. Not only were we fed and happy but she also instilled the curiosity for spirituality in the three of us. But there we were, me and my two brothers, sitting at her bedside and watching the woman that raised us, the woman that watched us take our first breaths, take her last. Have you ever seen or been with someone you love that takes their last exhalation? It\'s such a strange feeling to watch the life force actually leave the body. So as my mama took her last breath, and her life force left her body, the woman who had raised me and taught me was no more, I understood the power and the connection between breath and life. Most of my life I had been complacent to the 25000 breaths I take every day but on this day I recognised how important it is to take notice and to appreciate every single one. Because one day there will be no more. And with that new understanding I journeyed to India around 18 months after my Mother\'s passing. I studied Yoga and the ancient breath techniques that have been cultivated in the East for thousands of years. I have been immersed in Self-Development ever since to make sure that I take note and appreciate each and every breath I take. If there has been a whisper of a breath-work, a legend about a book or a new technique, I\'ve tried it and added the most potent ones to my toolkit. So here I am, almost a decade later ready and excited to share what I have learnt & experienced about the breath with you.

Kranti yoga (October 2019 – March 2020)

Job Title: Pranayama Lead Teacher

Nydum Yoga & Retreats (May 2022 – Present)

Job Title: 200hrs Teaching Assistant

Edelweiss Yoga Chalet Retreats (April 2020 – Present)

Job Title: Co-Creator

Kranti Yoga

Yin/ Vinyasa/ Ashtanga Yoga

500h (February In Progress)

Breathwork & Meditation Yoga Brazilian Jujitsu Camping, foraging & spending time in Nature Self-Sustainability