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Nikki St Paul

Certified BREATH COACH: helping you to use your breath to your advantage. Reduce stress & anxiety, Regulate nervous system, Balance energy

As a Certified Breath Coach, I want to give you back the gift of your breath, so you can keep it in your back pocket. I will give you the knowledge, confidence and skills to use your breath to your advantange. With your breath you can regulate your nervous system to better manage stress & anxiety, boost energy, improve your sleep and so much more. With your breath you can call on your sympathetic, ready, set, go, system to get busy work done and your parasympathetic system to, rest, digest and relax. I’m proof that change is possible with the breath. I lived in the busy fast lane, always ‘ON’, moving from one thing to the next, constantly searching outside myself for solutions to manage stress & boost energy. I was a self-diagnosed rushing syndrome sufferer. If there was an app, I purchased it. If there was a hack, I wanted to give it a shot. My outlook on life began to slowly shift in 2020. I had space to reflect and look on busyness & fast living with a critical eye. I searched for internal tools to bring balance to my life and move over into the slower, conscious lane. I was blown away that I could alter my state and mood. In under 5 mins I could use my breath to boost energy or relax. I want this for you too! Are you ready to use your breath to your advantage? So what are you waiting for, book a discovery call. I can’t wait to meet you 😊

(February 2023 – Present)

Job Title: Breath Coach

Yoga Teachers College

Breath Coach

(February 2023)

I am the Podcast host and producer of \\\'Stories That Connect Us\\\'. In every episode I showcase personal stories of everyday people, so that others can listen, learn and be inspired. Everyone has a story. Our stories matter
1-2-1 Breath Coaching 4 week program
Breath of Fire - COFFEE CATEGORY
4:4 Balance Breathing - WATER CATEGORY
4:8 Relaxing Breath - Whiskey Category