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Nikki St Paul

Nikki is a Mind, Body, and Breath Coach. She helps ambitious women give themselves permission to rest, pause, and reconnect with the power within to live life on their terms - without sacrificing career success.

Does your mind keep racing every time you sit still? Do you drive everywhere in 5th gear when 2nd will do? It’s another busy day at work. You’re sitting at your desk but your mind is screaming at you, racing like a bullet train. You stare at the clock. Has it really only been one minute since you last checked the time? This used to be me. But not anymore. I’m Nikki, Mind, Body & Breath Coach I\'m on a mission to redefine rest and slow living. As the Founder of Breathing Mindful Coaching, I blend my training in life & breath coaching and Mindfulness Meditation. I help busy ambitious women give themselves permission to pause and reconnect with who they are to live a purposeful & joyful life on their terms - without saying goodbye to career ambitions. Through a beautiful blend of breath, body, and mind, I help high-achieving women use their natural internal tools to navigate the highs, lows, and messy middle of life so they can soar unlike ever before. Come fly with me.

Yoga Teachers College

Breath Coach

(February 2023)

Yoga, mindfulness, meditation and walking.