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What can I say about her!?🥹🥹 I took the growth package, and I honestly grew from inside out 🥹 she helped me realize how worthy I am how beautiful I am in every shape; I started to love myself, and much more! For the first time, I realized that I should be proud! And I became more confident! People started to compliment me the most as I saw myself as pretty & they could see the change in me. Whenever I feel stressed, I do the tapping she taught me to do ☺️ and it’s the best!!!! I honestly can’t thank her enough!!!! I indeed cried a bit in front of her & with my family, but it was happy tears for sure! Thank you, sweetheart!!!🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼
- Shatha (Sep 2023)
I had the opportunity to participate in a great session for relaxing and tapping, Naeema helped me to express my feelings and organise my ideas in how to get rid of the negative feelings. I definitely recommend her session, she is a kind of. Person that you feel free and comfortable to speak and express your feelings. So lucky to had these sessions 😍.
- Lamees (Sep 2023)
Attending workshops is an excellent way to improve one's skills and knowledge in a specific field, and this is particularly true when it comes to writing. Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a writing workshop where I learned how to write the literature part effectively. The workshop was incredibly helpful in providing me with a comprehensive guide to writing a literature review that is both informative and engaging. Thank you Naeem.
- Shrog (Apr 2023)
An excellent insightful workshop. Very engaging and easy to follow, as well as being very beneficial and effective. I really enjoyed the activities that took place in the workshop, they really healed with my writing skills and confidence in writing my dissertation.
- Zakiya (Mar 2023)
Naeema is such a beautiful soul. She knows how to make people feel good. She is professional when it comes to practicing her techniques and patient to wait for the results. I really recommend her.
- Amna (Feb 2023)
The workshop was very insightful and helpful! I definitely learnt several new tips and pieces of knowledge that will help me with not only my literature review but all research I choose to do in the future. The session was perfectly paced and encouraged me to find the skills I already within me! I left the workshop feeling so much more confident in my writing skills and excited to start writing my literature review!
- Lujayna (Feb 2023)
The host was immaculate in delivery and the pace was just perfect , when tasks were set we were given an ample amount of time to complete the tasks. The host was very accommodating and helped educate us , very informative and helpful . Thank you to the host 🤍
- Far-Hiya (Feb 2023)
The workshop was very well organised and the host was accommodating and flexible to all the needs and stages of everyone in the session. The content was delivered clearly and anything that was misunderstood was happily re-explained. The pace and timings of tasks within the session were also excellent, again the leader of the session was accommodating to everyone's stages. It was engaging and allowed a range of activities such as brainstorming on previous knowledge, writing, researching, reflecting on mood and feelings. Personally, I was demonstrated a couple different ways of thinking and approaching the tasks which I have struggled with for a long time.The coach often gave perfect quotes for motivation and ways to better understand how to think about writing. What was once daunting and seemed impossible now seems much simpler and achievable. The session helped in boosting my confidence since it bridged the gap between what I already knew and tidbits of information to help me on my next step forward. Truly, those small pieces helped bring everything together.
- Zulekha (Feb 2023)

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