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Monique van der Eng

Being a health & lifestyle coach since 2015 I’m fully engaged in living a healthy lifestyle. Something was still missing however and that was breathwork. Today I think it’s the first and most important pillar of health. If you don’t breathe right, the rest won’t function properly either. I look at the person in a holistic way. Not at parts but the body as a whole. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Nothing woo-woo, most of it science based. With a touch of geekiness however. Breathing will calm you down, will make you sleep better, will give you more balance and steadiness, will improve your digestion, amongst other benefits. Breathing makes ME inspired. So book your first discovery call. You can find the link in the Free Discovery Call.

Business-Healthy (July 2015 – Present)

Job Title: Owner

Yoga Teachers College

Yoga Body Breath Coach

(August 2022)

Robbins Madanas Training

Life Coach

(January 2019)

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Health Coach

(January 2015)

Nerdy with all topics related to health & wellbeing. Biohacking mum & grandma. Loving life and enjoying to the fullest!
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