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Sound Body, Sound Mind with Martha

Martha Popova is a Sound Bath Meditation Practitioner, Certified Science of Stretch & Breath Coach, NYU Certified Executive Coach & holds a BA in Int'l Business. Martha's practices focus on balancing the nervous system, helping one reach a space of inner silence, stillness, spaciousness. Her practices are Effective, Practical, & Accessible to all.

Private/Couple Soundbath Meditation + Breathwork and Stretching (at your location) (approx. 90 min)
Small Group (up to 10) Soundbath Meditation + Breathwork and Stretching (at your location) (approx. 90 min)
1:1 (or couple) bi-weekly Sound + Stretch Class (90 min)
Online Webinars/Coaching (45min)
Martha is a sound bath meditation practitioner, a YogaBody® Breath & Science of Stretch Coach, and NYU Certified Executive/Life Coach. Her focus is on creating simple practices that are effective, practical, and accessible to all with the goal of balancing the nervous system in order to create a harmonious state within the body, mind, and soul. Martha’s passion is in helping people silence the inner noise and reduce the static within the mind and body, allowing one to come to a place of inner silence, stillness, and spaciousness. In such a state, the mind can rest, the body can heal, and new levels of creativity and connection can be experienced. With Martha’s professional background in logistics and client management, you can expect a high-quality, curated experience every time.

SoundBath, Breath, and Stretch Release (August 2022 – Present)

Job Title: Wellness Practitioner

Yoga Teachers College

Science of Breath

Breath Coach (December 2021)

Yoga Teachers College NYU

Science of Stretch

(August 2023)

San Diego State University

International Business & Finance

Bachelors of Arts (May 2011)


Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching (May 2019)

Anjali Academy

Yoga Alliance Approved Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher (November 2023)

Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Therapy and Sound Healing Training (November 2022)

Corporate wellness, conscious leadership, health & wellness, nature, book clubs, tea, community engagement.

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