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I've had the privilege to experience both breathwork and meditation guided by Mariela. She has a very reassuring presence and a great intuition for interpreting her wisdom and experience to suit you. I'm grateful to have had these sessions, and I've definitely been able to use them to help work through issues.
- Matt (Feb 2022)
Practising the breathing exercises with Mariela has changed my daily routine for the better. I have trouble going to bed due to my insomnia, but since I started applying the breathing exercises in the evening, I have no trouble falling asleep, which was impossible before. Big thank you to Mariela for her calming spirit and voice, and for creating the perfect environment to practice. Highly recommend, she’s a star!
- Carla (Feb 2022)
Mariela generates a climate of trust from the beginning. She knows the discipline in depth, and her voice is calm and comforting. Her guidance through the exercises has helped me to implement them on a daily basis and to feel more connected with my body. She's the best!
- Mali (Feb 2022)
I had such a wonderful experience with Mariela. The first time I met her, she immediately made me feel at ease. Her tone of voice and her guidance through the breathing exercises motivated me to adopt her daily routine in my life especially during stressful periods. Thank you Mariela!
- Elle De Riades (Feb 2022)
Mariela was very knowledgable in our session and passionate about breathwork - I would definitely breathe with Mariela again!
- Ben (Feb 2022)

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