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Mariela Whaley

Certified Yoga Breathing Coach

I started doing yoga and meditation in my early twenties. Both had a huge impact on my life, defining a before/after. After a few weeks of practice I noticed an improvement in my focus, I became calmer, more patient and I began to understand myself in ways I could never before. As a result of this, my relationships, my career, and my overall quality of life improved significantly. Years later, although I had always struggled with allergies and problems breathing, during a particular Christmas break I was not able to breath through the nose properly for days. It became very clear to me that breathing through the mouth, had a huge impact on the way I was feeling. This is when my breathwork curiosity began. I wondered, Would learning breathwork practices techniques help my day-to-day breathing patterns? And the answer was YES! Your breath and your nervous system go hand in hand and you can understand the state of your nervous system by noticing your breath AND even better, you can change the state of your nervous system by consciously changing your breathing pattern. Having been a meditation teacher for 6 years, I know how challenging it is to first start a regular meditation practice, especially when your nervous system might not be in the right state to be calm, still. This is when I started teaching breathwork- aiming to help people like you find a simple practice that can help you achieve your goals

(January 2022 – Present)

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Yoga Breathing

Breathing Coach

Certified YOGABODY® Breathing Coach (January 2022)

4 Week Breathwork Programme
Breath of Fire
4:8 Relaxing Breathing (Whiskey)
4:4 Balancing Breath (Water)