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Nienke Stoop

SoS Yoga Class (Group)
SoS Yoga Class (1:1)
Flex for Fertility group Class
Flex for Fertility 1:1
As a Holistic Health Specialist I help women (and men) with fertility issues (menstrual disorders/pain, decreased fertility, menopause) to enhance their vitality, creativity and flexibility. A new healthy life starts before conception with enhancing your health as a parent to be.

Lotus Coach (January 2008 – Present)

Job Title: MD Acupuncturist and Health Specialist

University of Groningen


Batchelor (September 1996)

University of Groningen


Master (May 2003)

Yoga Body

Science of Stretching

Teacher Certification (May 2022)

Hwa Two University


Acupuncturist (May 2008)

Being in Balance


Coach (November 2016)

Heart Math Institute


Coach and Trainer (December 2012)

Holistic Health, Birthing a new Humanity, Pre-conception, Pregnancy, Birth and care within the first 1000 days of life!

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