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I’ve been practicing with Linda for a few months now and I’m learning so much in her classes. Linda’s sequences are a great balance of strength, flow and stretch, constantly challenging me. My flexibility and stamina have improved and I always leave the class feeling awake and rejuvenated. Linda’s generous and compassionate practice help me to feel grounded and relaxed and I’m so greatful for the time and energy she dedicates to her practice and students.
- Ambrosine Davies (Oct 2021)
My 3rd time with Linda's class and she is an amazing teacher. Her instructions are very clear and motivating. She makes the flexibility class fun and at the same time challenging and creative so we can get to deeper poses naturally with her smooth and soothing voice.
I've been practicing yoga with Linda for about a year now, and it has brought so much joy to my life. Linda pushes us to challenge ourselves - reach a little further, hold crow pose a little longer. While encouraging us to listen to our bodies and modify poses to meet our needs. I really appreciate the detail of her instructions, ensuring that we get the most out of each flow and are carrying them out safely. And she brings such a sense of calm and enthusiasm to every session. Looking back at this past year, I'm amazed by how much I've grown through practicing with her. Not only in flexibility and strength, but also in general comfort and awareness of my body. I am deeply thankful to Linda for making that possible!
- Vanessa (Sep 2021)
What a lovely yoga class! Linda’s cues were exactly what I needed to deepen my practice, and her calming energy really helped me feel grounded. Definitely recommend!
- Jess (Jul 2021)
Linda has a beautiful flow in her classes. She encourages you into challenging poses while providing coaching and adjustments all along. Her soothing voice and soft relaxing background music seem to make the poses more tolerable and accessible. Her dedication to ensure that everyone strives to go just a little bit deeper to obtain more benefits from their practice is amazing!
- Claudiane (Jun 2021)
I met Linda at her “yoga in the park” last fall and I feel so fortunate as my 62 year old body really needed strength and flexibility. “We are stronger together” is just One if her mantras I have adopted. Another is “it is all good”. I am particularly grateful when Linda explains why we do a certain pose so it will apply to helping us in our everyday movements and normal tasks. I can’t thank her enough and her following from around the globe is a testament to her excellent teaching and skill level. What a gift to all of us! Come join us and get strong!
- Toban (Jun 2021)
Linda is special teacher and person,passionate, dedicated teacher and yoga student, really knowledagable and super supportive and encouraging. Great at creating happy group vibes. Her classes are amaaazing either Blocks with socks (amazing for your strength and suuper fun, time just flew by or amazing for your flexibility like her Gravity classes). The same goes for her Vinyasa classes. She is funny person also so that playes a major role in my book, everything is better with laughing:). Her cues are clear, she is very detailed and very focused on everything she does. Adore taking her classes and higly recommend them.
- Ivana (Jun 2021)
Linda has been an incredible inspiration for me. Her classes are well equipped with science backed knowledge on form, care, and modifications per pose and provides an offering to increase or decrease the level of intensity every class. Not only are her classes structured but she also is quick to accommodate to the best of her knowledge if a student has a body part or pose request prior to the session. I have attended a plethora of her classes. I believe, her to be a diverse, well rounded, humble, kind, knowledgeable, teacher with a variety of class styles. Above all else she makes each session inviting and warm. Linda has a charismatic presence as well as an overall positive perspective and kindred spirit. I appreciate how her tone matches her movements and that I have had the honor to have practiced with her the past several months. I look forward to her future classes immensely! Cheers to you Linda!
- Rachel Faith Currie (Jun 2021)
Perfectly balanced yoga gravity classes with soothing meditative quality. Linda has a calm soothing demeanor that immediately puts you in a state of mind for relaxation and meditation. Her classes have unique poses to help you get deeper into pure muscle stretches and allows one to really focus on the exact area you are trying to work. In-depth variations for poses are given, so classes are suitable for beginners with tight muscles, all the way up to hypermobile students who have trouble stretching muscles & not joints. With Linda's help, gravity yoga has given me a balanced approach to my fitness goals. She is 1 of only two gravity yoga teachers I trust my body with, as she listens to her students and designs classes accordingly. I am extremely grateful to her for introducing me to the "safe" world of Gravity yoga.
- Ayla (May 2021)
Linda is a fabulous teacher, very knowledgeable and engaging. She pays extra and special attention to all her students, makes her class interactive from the start by asking if any of us has any special requests or areas of concern. Linda adapts and modifies her classes based on her students needs, and provides plenty of modifications for all levels. Her voice is engaging, yet very calming, and her class space setup is calming and very inviting. I have attended not only Gravity Yoga classes with her, but also Vinyasa flow. She is absolutely marvelous at both disciplines. I highly recommend Linda, her teaching style and her classes. Top rated!!! :)
- Adriana A (May 2021)
For Gravity Yoga Linda is one of my favourite teachers. From the moment you join her class a sense of calm is instilled in you. Linda provides great instruction and modifications to all students. She is a kind and engaging teacher who has made me love this practice more and more.
- Alexa (May 2021)
I have attended a couple of Linda’s classes, and what always struck me is her spontaneity and creativity. There were classes where she would ask us, the attendees, if we have any specific request or target area to focus on for the day...this to me was what really stood out. It made the students feel the extra attention and connection, a definite testament to her depth of experience and understanding of the practice. And her class accessible to all level, hence no matter what your level of practice is, you will always feel included.
- Jacqueline C (May 2021)
Not only is Linda's form flawless, but her teaching style is engaging and relaxing. She gently encourages her students to do more, go deeper, and improve with each practice.
- Beth (May 2021)

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