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I took personal yoga sessions at home from Priya and felt amazing because of it. It drastically improved my joint pains and even helped with flexibility. I love it and recommend Priya to everyone.
- Alamelu (Nov 2022)
Priya is an amazing yogi teacher, so passionate about what she does and genuinely cares about you during her sessions. That does not mean the class will be easy; she will make sure you are challenged and will be there to guide you in every micro move. It was a wonderful experience overall.
- Suba (Nov 2022)
Priya is a yogini 😊. She is a fantastic teacher. Her style of teaching is just beautiful. Any hard asana’s will be like a breeze with her mentoring. Her soothing voice is so powerful. I will always recommend her.✌🏽
- RJ Sumi (Oct 2022)
I had virtual sessions for Kriya Hatha yoga and breathing exercises. Priya was teaching very well with all the poses on clearly explaining the purpose of it too, as I was a complete beginner felt good to know in depth. Wish there was some kind of routine group practice session just for self motivation, but that’s beyond the class. Overall very satisfied!
- Preethi R (Oct 2022)
I had an opportunity to take 1 on 1 classes with priya on yoga poses virtually and the experience was fabulous! The way she handled the classes made me feel that it was personalized for my level and I was so looking forward to do yoga with her every week. It improved flexibility and focus tremendously and I cannot recommend priya enough if anyone is looking to take classes with her!
- Indu Saay (Oct 2022)
Priya is a wonderful and great teacher. She is super attentive and patient teacher. I took a breath works class that she thought and got a lot of use from it.
- Vaish (Oct 2022)
My husband and I took yoga classes on Sundays. We felt rejuvenated after every class. It was a great start for busy weekdays ahead. Yoga lessons with priya is our first experience with yoga. She is very kind and she made us feel so welcomed. We were looking forward to this yoga lesson every Sunday. It was refreshing and relaxing after doing yoga stretches. Priya is very knowledgeable and has lot of patience. We would recommend her to anyone regardless of their skill level.
- Vidya (Sep 2022)
I just love her way of teaching.Very good experience.more talented.
- Arulmoli Hanumanthan (Sep 2022)
I attended Priya’s class in 2018. She is very detail oriented and helped me with my goals. I had a great experience attending her classes. She is passionate about health and fitness. I have admired her calm energy when she teaches yoga. I highly recommend her classes.
- Ramya (Sep 2022)
Priya is really a happy and enthusiastic teacher. She always carry a pleasant smile on her face all over the session so it will automatically make you feel happy to be a part of it. Her step by step teaching asana’s will make the more difficult one in to an easy fun and a doable one.I would definitely recommend priya to anyone looking for a great yoga teacher.
- yamini thoppe (Sep 2022)
Excellent teacher and love learning yoga from her
- Sangeetha (Sep 2022)

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