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Lynn Aprile

Hi! I’m Lynn Aprilen nI ignite people with a warm approach to mind-body self care by making yoga practical and accessible in their daily life.nnScience and history rock! I love studying the body…it’s our dynamic, unfathomably capable temple and ancient history, along with generous scientific studies that tell us mind-body practices like yoga and meditation have a proven track record for improving mental health, stress and pain relief, insomnia and much more. Did you know the act of breathing can activate a cascade of physiological communications between our brain, body and heart that can calm you down immediately? It’s really true! nnMy passion is supporting the community by introducing these time tested mind-body practices to caregivers like nurses & cna’s, spouses, teacher’s, school counselors & staff, busy mom’s and those new to yoga. I believe all bodies can access yoga through a gentle introduction to some simple and safe body movements that will leave you feeling easeful, flexible and rich with vitality. My fascination with exploring anatomy and physiology through yoga over the last 2 decades eventually led me to the medical field of CNA’s licensure which supports the holistic approach I take supporting others.nnI love talking about spirituality, how that looks and feels in our lives, although it took me over 2 decades to find that “universe” fits best in my heart and mind. Don’t worry, you don’t have to call it spirituality or universe or anything…finding your way is the way! Looking inward during meditation can be a fantastical journey into your own inner*space where a sense of awe for life, and much more, can be experienced. This heightened sense of YOU is available to you every day and I can’t wait to share the journey with you!nnTraining & Certificationsn2000-2003 - Yoga Limbs, Sanskrit, Anatomy, Physiology (self study) with Carol Swernan2005 - Midwest Yoga Conferencen2005 - Yoga on Mars Workshop - Moon Salutesn2006 - Sarah Powers Workshop - Green Tara Yogan2007 - Yoga Kids Workshop - Level 1n2007 - Radiant Child Yoga Workshop-Level 1 & @2n2010 - Integral Yoga:Asana & Pranayama - 200 RYS n2018 - Yoga & Mindfulness Tools for Children - PESI Jennifer Cohen Harpern2020 - Certified Nurse Aide Trainingn2023 - Anatomy Bites - Dr. Libby Hinsleyn