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Kris is a fantastic yoga instructor! She has the most soothing voice--perfect for keeping me calm and relaxed during even the most challenging poses. She does a great job of demonstrating while also staying present with her students and checking on their form. I love that she incorporates breathwork and meditation into her practice, and does a wonderful job at holding space in those moments. I highly recommend her class!
- Lauren (Jul 2021)
Practicing yoga with Kris is a wonderful experience. She is supportive every step of the way, from transitioning between asanas to finding modifications to help you make the most of the mind-body connection. I love how she is attentive and provides customized guidance for everyone’s needs. What makes the sessions special for me is that she allows time at the end for meditative guidance to take in and appreciate all we did together.
- Kat (Jun 2021)
Kris spoke clearly, which made her easy to follow. She has a calming yet motivating voice. I love that she provides variations of a pose that were dependent upon your capabilities. It challenged me to attempt some difficult poses that I didn’t even know I could do. She also corrected my form if I wasn’t doing something correctly, which helped me achieve the pose. I would take another yoga class taught by her!
- Marez (May 2021)
Kris did a wonderful job leading us through a challenging yet fun class. She provided options to increase the challenge and modifications if needed. She was encouraging and supportive in her tone and demeanor. I look forward to another class with her.
- Christy (May 2021)

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