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Karren Probyn

Yoga is for every body; every age and shape. Those looking for healing, toning or quietening the mind. Look forward to meeting you.

I have always been fascinated by all things health and wellbeing; from nutrition to emotional health to our physical body and what makes us feel good! A long time lover of yoga, I love the calm that time on the mat brings to my day and the opening and softening that I feel inside. For me the time spent on yoga really impacts me living the life I choose. I teach Flexibility classes and Vinyassa Flow. Flexibility classes use gravity to open up tightness stuck in the body and provide deep relaxation via a special breathing sequence which you can apply anywhere. These classes are accessible to absolutely everyone!! Vinyassa Flow classes can be tailored to a specific theme or body area. They can be challenging or gently relaxing and will build strength and balance over time. Yoga is a great balancer in our hectic stressful lives, it quietens our heads, relaxes our body and ultimately enables greater range of movement. My philosophy is that healthy \\\'exercise\\\' should be accessible to all regardless of age or condition. I love working with people who feel stiff, stressed or who feel they cant do yoga!! I connect with students in person and online. Click on my link to book a free discovery call to discuss your needs.

Coach Karren (June 2021 – Present)

Job Title: Sport and Stress Yoga teacher

FysioDanmark (September 2022 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga for Flexibility

Rosen Movement (June 2014 – Present)

Job Title: Mindful Movement teacher


200 hr Vinyassa Flow training

in progress (November 2022)


Science of Stretching

(June 2021)

Rosen Movement

Mindful Movement to Music

(July 2014)

Nutrition, Mindfulness, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Nature, and Cold Water Swimming.
4 Class Introduction
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