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Jolene is an amazing instructor. She meets you where you are, while seeing your potential of where you can go. She gentle pushes you to listen to your body and let go of the negative “I can’t” voice in your head. In just a few short weeks my flexibility has greatly increased along with my self confidence in my ability to challenge myself. If you are not in one of her many yoga classes you are missing out.
- Elizabeth Siebuhr (Apr 2023)
Jolene is an amazing person and instructor. I love her positivity and outlook on life! She makes everyone feel comfortable during class, and offers many modifications when needed. I love her "start where you are" mentality, and look forward to each class with her. Highly recommend her services!
- Amanda Jackson (Apr 2023)
Jolene is an outstanding coach & she works hard to find solutions for each person's specific need. Her classes are relaxing but yet fun. You can feel the true health benefit from her classes. I would strongly recommend trying a class & seeing what else she has to offer!
- Brittany (Apr 2023)
Jolene is an amazing teacher. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the practice and provides detailed instructions and helpful tips during class. She is also very encouraging and supportive and makes sure everyone feels safe and comfortable during the session. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to learn more about yoga trapeze, or stretching. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
- Annie (Feb 2023)
Jolene’s flexibility class was something I will look forward to again in the future. She is very knowledgeable and gives great advice for beginners! I love all of the information I was given on not only the poses we were doing but also in other aspects to better my daily overall health. 10/10 would recommend to anyone wanting to try something new or different that is beginner friendly
- Lindsey Dubbert (May 2022)
I really enjoyed the atmosphere and techniques. They are very simple and easy to get in and out of. I feel like anyone could do this regardless of age,size,or flexibility. It is truly a good beginner start. However what truly amazed me was how much it helped someone like me who is not a beginner. I recommend everyone try it 🙂
- Kasy (Apr 2022)
I really enjoyed the class. She did a good job of making sure that everyone was working at their level. I have had back fusions and other major surgeries. This class has helped me to become more flexible and has eased pain in some areas.
- Cathy (Apr 2022)
Thanks so much for the giving me the opportunity to train with you, and I'm very happy to know you were pleased with the class! 😃
- Jolene (Apr 2022)
I really enjoyed attending this class and learning my capabilities through Jolene. She made me feel very comfortable about myself no matter where I was at with my physical abilities. I look forward to taking more of her classes in the future!
- Ann Wood (Apr 2022)
I will keep you posted on future classes, and very much appreciate your wonderful feedback! :)
- Jolene (Apr 2022)
This class helped me so much. I’ve had a spinal fusion and a knee surgery and was stiff! This class helped me become more flexible and have less pain!! Jolene encouraged us to start where we were and to keep practicing…if you do that you will see improvement!
- Angie R (Apr 2022)
Thank you this feedback and for sticking with that homework! I may have given you the tools but your consistency made it pay off! :)
- Jolene (Apr 2022)
I found Jolene,s flexibility classes to be a great learning experience,and so relaxing. I will continue to use these stretching poses, and hope to learn more in the future. Jolene is a great coach! I highly recommend her in person classes!
- Marilyn (Apr 2022)
I will keep you posted on future classes, and thank you so much for your kind words! :-D
- Jolene (Apr 2022)
If you want a stretch and flex that leaves you feeling healthy and encouraged to grow, Jolene is so practical, caring, and will definitely deliver a reliable experience!
- Stephanie Stickney (Apr 2022)
❤ Thank you so much for these kind words!
- Jolene (Apr 2022)
Outstanding coach, who has tons of knowledge to help you with your needs when it comes to yoga. Highly recommended!!!
- Michqel (Mar 2022)
Thank you for your review and your feedback!
- Jolene (Mar 2022)
Jolene is extremely knowledgeable and does an excellent job of working with you, no matter how inexperienced you are! She made me feel comfortable and I felt so relaxed after the class. I will definitely spend more time with her and highly recommend her classes to others!
- Heather H (Feb 2022)
Thank you so much for your feedback! I very much enjoyed having you in class and look forward to meeting on the mat again soon! :-D
- Jolene (Mar 2022)
Jolene’s class was so amazing! I attended a goat yoga class, and expected to do more goat cuddling than anything. But I left feeling more relaxed and comfortable in my body than I’d felt in years! I absolutely would attend a class every morning with her if I could!
- Jessie (Feb 2022)
I appreciate your kind words! I'm so glad you could attend class and I hope we can train together again soon! :-D
- Jolene (Mar 2022)

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