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Alicia Christine Beach

Supporting you as you learn to breathe easy in a world moving fast. Ruah Breathing is about experiencing inner rest and learning to balance your emotions and nervous system through intentional breathing. Together we will amplify the truest, happiest version of yourself and release the weight of stress, trauma and get to the good parts of!

1:1 Ruah Breathing SESSIONS (4)
149.00 USD
Single Corporate Workshop 60 min.
275.00 USD
30 min Workshop
175.00 USD
Alicia Christine Beach: Trauma informed breathwork facilitator, wellness coach and advocate for women. My work helps women breakthrough beyond the impact of intimate partner abuse and supports her total healing through strategic wellness plans. My mission is to help women of color identify unhealthy relationship patterns, divest from the \"hustle\" and so prevent emotional harm, stress and disease. I am an intimate partner abuse overcomer and advocate who empowers individuals along their own paths to spiritual, emotional and relationship wellness. In Ruah Sessions you will learn how to balance your nervous system and learn to breathe for relaxation, healing, joy and calm. My goal is to give you tools to help you self soothe in our time together and beyond.

Divine Womanhood (May 2020 – Present)

Job Title: Owner



Breathing Coach (January 2022)

Southern Seminary

Christian Education

Master of Arts (May 2015)


Trauma Informed Coaching

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence Certification (April 2021)

Trauma Informed Coaching, Empowerment Coaching, Intimate Partner Abuse, Anti Inflammatory Nutrition, Breathwork, Christian Prayer & Spiritual Mentorship
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