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Heather Holmes

*Schedule currently full - THANK YOU! Submit an Inquiry Form below to be added onto Fall2023 waitlist* Functional Movement & Inversion Therapy for improved physical health, mental health and overall quality of LIFE! Servicing Healthcare Facilities, Private Residence, Businesses, Events, Parties, Schools, District & Corporate Offices & more!

THANK YOU for your interest! I am a professional Inversion Therapist with over 15 years combined experience working in Healthcare. I specialize in Trapeze, Yoga, SUP Yoga & Functional Movement for improved physical health, mental health & overall quality of LIFE! I can not wait to SHARE the STOKE with you! My practice is MOBILE. I bring my services, along with equipment, to YOU! I am not currently accepting new clients and/or contracts, I anticipate having limited openings in Fall 2023. Enjoy looking through my offered services and submit an Inquiry Form for more info. and to get on my Fall 2023 waitlist! Someone will contact you within two business days once Inquiry form has been submitted, THANK YOU!

Yoga Body

Trapeze Instructor (January 2023)

Trapeze [w/o contract, per/HR]
SUP Yoga [w/o contract, per/HR]
.5 Day Trapeze [w/o contract, up to 3 HRs]
Full Day Trapeze [w/o contract, up to 6 Hrs]
Full Day Trapeze [w/contract, 4 sessions]
1000 USD
.5 Day Trapeze [w/contract, 4 sessions]
Trapeze [w/contract, per/HR, 4 sessions]
Yoga [w/o contract, per/HR]
Yoga [w/contract, per/HR, 4 sessions]