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Haydn Lolohea

Haydn is Tongan. A certified breath coach with a collective experience in psychodynamic psychotherapy, traditional healing, and kinesiology. Great working experience in mental health and domestic violence areas. He discovered manavatapu approach where he became intrigued by the power of breath and wanted that wisdom to share with you. Ofa atu

One-on-One (4x - month) prog
A skillful Tongan therapist who incorporated breathwork, psychotherapy, traditional healing, and kinesiology in one form of a therapeutic approach called manavatapu. He offers that through One-on-One, One-Time Workshops, and a 4-Part Workshop Series. With a Master of Indigenous Knowledge alongside skill sets of university teaching aid, 16 years mental health assistant experience, and mastered 10-year counselling (talanoa-vavanga) with thus far 12000 individuals who were troubled with domestic violence, mental health, addiction, drug and alcohol, and relationship issues. His specialty in manavatapu aims at getting people especially Pasifika people to get their needs met by accessing the power of integrative approaches. Manavatapu is designed to accommodate appropriate diverse ethnic connections, strengthening the capability of an individual to an organization’s productivity at large.

(January 2023 – Present)

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Yoga Teaching College

Certified Breath Coach (April 2022)