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Working with Erica helped me get unstuck as I've been trying to figure out the next step in life after being a stay-at-home-mom for many years. Her process is very well organized; through thoughtful questions and insights, she helped me get a clearer sense of direction. I left my workshop with renewed motivation and peace. Erica is a gifted teacher and facilitator who truly cares about the people she works with - she was 100% invested in my journey to find purpose. I'm grateful for her guidance and encouragment!
- LMS (Nov 2023)
Erica is a wonderful teacher, inspiring and relatable. She is passionate about both her own practice and about sharing her experiences with others. I found the class to be very helpful at this time in my life. I was hoping to discover ways to become more calm throughout my day, and the breathing techniques we learned have helped with exactly that. Erica showed us that our breath practice can be short yet effective, so that we can incorporate it into a busy day just when we need it. She explained the ideas behind the different types of breathing and when each strategy would be most useful. Since taking the class I have been teaching my children how to breathe to get to sleep more easily, and it has been helping them as well.
- Laura (Mar 2023)
I loved this class! Erica shared both the rationale for the breathing practices (jump-starting the day, balancing emotions through breathing strategies at work {Argh!},and falling asleep at night with instruction and practice time for each type of breathing. My favorite was the 4:8 Relaxation Breath. I honestly felt like I could fall asleep sitting in my office chair-imagine how easy it would be to drift off into sleep! After our class, Erica shared audio files and a YouTube recording of the class in addition to reference materials and a suggested practice schedule.
- Linda (Mar 2023)

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