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Erica Voell

Certified YogaBody® Breathing Coach. Supporting you as you learn how yoga breathing can help you reduce stress, balance your energym, and improve your sleep to bring calm and ease in your day.

I found breathwork and yoga breathing as a way to manage my anxiety and stress after burnout. It transformed my life, has calmed my nervous system, helps me sleep, and has helped my digestive issues. I’m much more aware of my breathing throughout the day. …. My passion is helping my clients through life’s challenges and helping them learn that they have a unique purpose for being here in this time. I have a strong desire for learning and sharing what I have learned with others. Working together you will learn how yoga breathing can help you reduce stress, balance your energy, and improve your sleep. …. My day job is as a youth librarian, and I’m in life coach training through the Dragontree. I have a Human Design diploma and am continually learning more about Human Design. …. I’m a Certified YOGABODY® Breathing Coach. YOGABODY®’s approach is to use ancient yoga breathing practices informed by modern science to provide safe, practical exercises that deliver immediate results. …. I also love to create through sewing, gardening, making jam, and exploring the natural world. …. • 15-hour certified YogaBody Breathing Coach • Human Design Diploma


Breathing Coach (February 2023)

Centre of Excellence

Human Design

Human Design Diploma (January 2023)

Dragontree Life Coaching


(April In Progress)

I love to sew, read, work puzzles, garden, and be outside. Clifton Strengths Finder Strengths: Strategic, Learner, Individualization, Relator, Achiever
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