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Emma Edwards

I came to yoga to gain strength and flexibility in my body. I stayed because of the strength and balance it brought to my body, mind and emotions. I teach vinyasa flow classes to build strength and confidence that will benefit you on and off the mat. I also teach slow science based stretching classes to increase the space you have within your body

Yoga is the science of joy. It is a both a practice and a way of being. With regular practice we can cultivate the feelings of confidence, happiness, connectedness and self empowerment. All you need to do is turn up, exactly as you are, and bring with you a willingness to experiment.

Yoga with Emma (June 2020 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga teacher

NHS (March 2015 – Present)

Job Title: Staff nurse

Kaivalya Method

yoga asana, sequencing, mediation and philosophy

500 hour yoga teacher training (June 2021)

Yoga body

Science of Stretching

(July 2021)

Kaivalya Method

Myths of the Asanas

(November 2021)

(January In Progress)

Empowering people to find their own uniqueness and have the confidence to express themselves fully in the world