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Reviews for Eleanor Gaschet de L'Isle

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Eleonor delivers a calm yet dynamic class, one filled with knowledge and power. She explains the moves so well that you can do them without looking at her even the challenging ones. I Loved her class. Would definitely join her class again and again.
- Zeina Saad Nasser (Nov 2021)
Just had another class with Eleonor, and what can I say, I loved it! Her careful attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and compassion make for a wonderful class. Her yoga classes are challenging, yet she makes them accessible to all. Can't wait for my next class with her!
- Erica (Nov 2021)
Eleanor has a calm voice, which makes challenging poses seem easier than they really are. Her motivating demeanour encourages you to not to give up and this really helps to feel accomplished! I thoroughly enjoy her instructions and looking forward to more classes!
- Claudiane (Nov 2021)

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