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farah salim

My path to yoga began as a child, unbeknownst to me. I was always dancing and stretching the limits of my body. The ability of the body fascinated me. Yoga helped me in many ways, because it taught me how to focus mentally and physically. I came across the Yoga Trapeze in 2017, I wanted to try something different from traditional yoga, I instantly fell in love, and the knowledge I’ve gain is amazing. I completed my Yoga trapeze Certification in Athens, Georgia at AGU in 2019. I now share my passion for the Yoga Trapeze teaching in Canton, Georgia. nnYou too can learn the wonderful physical and mental benefits of the Yoga Trapeze. From regaining mobility to toning your body, the benefits you experience will be unlimited. I will help you determine your specific body goals and we will work together to attain them. Spinal health and upper body strength is one of my areas of specialty. nnMy classes are for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student. I choose to focus one on one with my clients in private classes, as well as groups of four to six.