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Wanda is a leader who has the ability to really take a 360 degree look at wellness. She is sensitive to the strengths and challenges that are unique to each individual. This requires sensitivity, commitment, and the ability to listen to each person’s unique life journey and how that impacts overall wellness. Wanda has inspired me to look at wellness more broadly and to approach wellness from a position of strength. It is sometimes easy to dwell on the challenges, but Wanda highlights the strengths and how to use those strengths to propel forward and gain momentum toward wellness. Having gone through an extremely busy time in life, Wanda was able to listen to a concern I had about my impact on the environment and how the environment connects directly to my own personal health. Wanda was able to help me with strategies to impact the environment in my own home. It was a baby step, but she realized I needed a simple plan, something that did not overwhelm me. This small baby step is now moving me to address other challenges that impact my overall wellness. Once again, Wanda has been there to celebrate my successful baby steps and now is guiding me toward improved wellness in other areas of my life. Thanks Wanda!!!
- Julie, MO (Feb 2022)
This experience was delightful, life changing and packed with positive results. I was able to exceed my goals and to my unexpected surprise made some dramatic results in other areas of my health that I wasn't knowingly working on. This has truly changed my perspective on health and wellness coaching. I would highly recommend Wanda Parks to anyone who want to see results in their health and wellness journey!
- Sherrie, SC (Feb 2022)
Wanda is amazing, she is full of energy and loves teaching. She worked with me in a positive manner which helped me understand where I needed to adjust myself and make changes. I was able to challenge myself to a better place in life with healthier eating choices, increased exercise, meditation and relaxation, and learning to relieve my stress successfully. This change has been amazing and very rewarding. Wanda was always available if needed. She wouldn’t hesitate to call you out however she was right there to cheer you on. She is full of energy and advice. I would encourage everyone who is wanting and will to take on the challenge of transition to get motivated and start today.
- Julia, MT (Feb 2022)
I decided to do the program to reduce my Belly. The weekly calls were great and I received the results I wanted. A flatter Belly
- DEE, New Orleans (Feb 2022)
I suffer with a lot of joint and muscle pain. Since I have been working with Wanda, my body feels so much better. I must say at 50 I am feeling the best I have in years! I give credit to Wanda Parks, for introducing me to a better way and better products.
- Rhonda, TX (Feb 2022)
I want to thank Dr. Wanda Parks, for being an inspiration for me as I took her health habits coaching class to motivate me to get organized and improve on my time management. She provided encouragement and bite-size call to actions that helped me achieve my goals.  I highly recommend her and can't wait to continue for the next 3 habits I am going to improve on. Thank you my sista
- Nicky, Georga (Feb 2022)

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