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Diane Proctor

Body movement has always fascinated Diane. From being a cheerleader at the young age of six to champion competitive dancer through her adult years. Learning new forms of dance, movement and exercise has been one constant thread throughout her life. She has practiced yoga off and on for many years but felt it was more torture than satisfying. After learning the method of teaching yoga and foundations of asanas through the YOGABODY Teacher’s College®, Diane has embraced the benefits of yoga with complete joy and wants to share with other students who believed yoga was for only the fit and flexible that it is for them and EVERYONE. Wherever you are with flexibility, strength, mobility, Diane wants to help you with your practice and make it something to look forward to in your daily lives.

(January 2023 – Present)

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YOGABODY Teacher’s College®

Hatha Yoga

(January In Progress)

Diane has put a priority of constantly learning and improving herself in many disciplines. She is an accomplished dancer of many styles from social swing genres to hip hop, jazz, house, modern and amateur ballroom. How the body moves and the amazing flexibility it has and how it can constantly improve upon its abilities has been a continued fascination for Diane.
Hello Hamstrings!!
Better Posture Yoga Sequence Nov. 2022

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