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Christian Garon

Breathwork has come to the forefront of health and wellness recently, and for good reasons: Increased energy levels, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, and instant way to tap into your body and bring mindfulness. I teach breath techniques from 3 categories: (Stimulating) (Balancing) (Relaxing) that are fast, simple, and effective.

I am a certified Yoga Breath Coach, with a history teaching Taekwon-Do, having taught more than 400 different students of all ages, over 7 years. I am also a former weight lifting instructor (BCRPA), former actor, and former competitive athlete in martial arts. Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, I moved to British Columbia in my early 20\\\'s and have been here since. I started my coaching journey exploring relationship coaching, and after discovering breathwork for myself, I realized the foundation of any coaching moving forward should be to engage the individual with their own body to bring awareness to the self and be present in the moment. Breathwork might be the most efficient way to tap into this. Having been an athlete, I can say I wish I had known breathing exercises when I was competing. The difference of calmness and general recovery post exercise has been noticeable for me, and is also being studied heavily in sports currently.

Tien Lung Taekwon-Do School (September 2001 – March 2008)

Job Title: Instructor/Supervisor

Tien Lung Taekwon-Do

Martial Arts

Second Degree Black Belt (September 2007)


Fitness Theory, Weight Training

Certified Weight Instructor (Inactive) (November 2009)


Breath Coaching

Certified Yoga Breath Coach (August 2023)

Martial Arts, Health and Wellness, Supplement Advisor
1 Month/ 4 Sessions
8 Sessions ( Twice/week or once/week)
Couples Breathwork 4 Sessions (coming Soon)
Breathwork for Athletes (4 Sessions, Coming Soon)