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Dari Willey

Wondering if YOGA or PILATES can help you get in shape, build strength, flexibility and balance? Maybe a mix of both? I teach YOGABODY and STOTT Pilates styles. Both have a fitness-based approach for strength, mobility, balance, and stress management. Let's get started.

Hi there! I am a life long dancer, wife, and mother of three! I have spent many years learning and teaching people how to care for their muscles, joints, and minds. My journey started out as a dance instructor and massage therapist. That led me on to personal training and Pilates. Currently I am diving deep into Yoga! I enjoy connecting people with their bodies no matter their fitness level.

Rocky Mountain Pilates (January 2017 – Present)

Job Title: Owner/Instructor

Alliance Academy of Dance (August 2016 – May 2021)

Job Title: Ballet Instructor/Children's Division

STOTT Pilates

Intensive Mat Plus

Reformer/Mat Instructor (November 2017)

ACE Personal Training

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer (October 2017)


Functional Training

Functional Training Specialist (July 2019)


Orthopedic Exercise

Orthopedic Exercise Specialist (April 2022)


Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness Instructor (August 2022)

I enjoy helping people overcome the road blocks that keep them from healthy movement so they can enjoy life long fitness. Stiff joints, old injuries, sometimes beliefs they have held onto since childhood! Whatever it is, I enjoy working for positive change.
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