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Claire Sloper

Hi, I'm Claire - a certified Breathwork Coach. I help people take control of their nervous system and give them the tools to manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep and find balance in the day to day. All my sessions are online via zoom so no matter where you're located, we can work together. DM me for a FREE Discovery Session.

I am an entrepreneur who hit a wall and found a path to healing through Breathwork exercises. These practices became a game-changer in tackling my stress and health issues, prompting me to train as a breathwork coach. I can now extend that transformation to others in similar positions, so I would love you to get in touch to find out more.

Breathe Stormfree (November 2023 – Present)

Job Title: Breath Coach

Stormfree Holdings Ltd (July 2013 – Present)

Job Title: Founder & Director

YogaBody Teachers College

Breathwork Coach Training

Passed with Honors (November 2023)

When looking to work with a coach, it is important to find those personality traits that are a good match for you. So who am I? Well for starters, you could say that I am not your stereotypical wellness coach - you know the type; into woo-woo, looking to release inner emotions and delving into spirituality whilst banging a drum. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with those traits but I am more the down-to-earth, pragmatic and grounded type with an infectious enthusiasm. I am also a bit of a science geek! Science plays a massive role in my businesses so it is hardly surprising that I am fascinated by human physiology and neuroscience, and how our environment can affect our health. Whilst breathwork is steeped in ancient yoga traditions it is also evidence and fact based - for me, it is the perfect blend! I bring real life skills to the table; from building businesses from scratch to my quest to explore the world in the most exciting ways possible (sea, air, underwater and mountains!). My personal yoga practice is a journey of discovery with my focus being mainly that of mobility and exercise. I am always up for a new challenge and my latest adventure is my exploration into cold water/wild swimming.
1:1 Breathwork Coaching 4 week course